Princess Kakyuu, also known as Sailor Kakyuu, is a supporting heroine from the anime and manga series, Sailor Moon. She is the princess and Leader of The Sailor Starlights as well, as been the friend of Sailor Galaxia.


Princess Kakyuu has a red hair sporting a black tiara, She wears a red and yellow suit, That and end with a long skirt similar to a sukeban or a princess outfit.



Kakyuu appears during the first part of Galaxia arc, Informing the Satrlight to found the Light of Hope, When the Sailor Senshi found her palace Kakyuu greeted them and allowed them to pass explained them of the situation, Tme later Kakyuu and the Sailor Senshi go to earth to found the Light but they were attacked by Galaxia, Kakyuu resisted the attack and transform into Sailor Kakyuu, After events, Kakyuu will later aid Sailor Moon to finally purified the cauldron and this allowed Galaxia to been in her kind person, Kakyuu and the other Sailor returned to the planet Kinmoku.


Princess Kakyuu is now for her great compassion and pure goodness towards the sailor guardians, According to the Sailor Starlights, Kakyuu was incapable to hold grudge against people and was sympathetic towards those who needed help, Like Sailor Monn when they were attacked by Galaxia (Possesed by Chaos) or when she became a Star Seed and purified Galaxia from Chaos influence.


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