Katrina (Barbie)

Princess Katrina, also known as the Flower Princess, is a minor character in the 2002 animated film, Barbie as Rapunzel. She is the daughter of King Frederick, and the sister of Prince Stefan, Prince Tommy, Princess Melody, and Princess Lorena. Melody, Lorena, and Katrina are triplets.

She is voiced by Chantal Strand who also voiced Cassie from Dragon Tales, Cloud Princess Rose in Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus, Princess Lacey in Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses, Princess Sofia in Barbie as The Island Princess, and she is played by the Kelly character in the Barbie doll line.


Katrina is a little princess. She's got two sisters, Princess Melody and Princess Lorena, and two brothers, Prince Stefan and Prince Tommy. She likes to walk in the castle's garden with Stefan's horse named Botticelli. One day, when she, her sisters and Botticelli walk in the garden, that she has falls into the trap set by King Wilhelm's men. Fortunately, Rapunzel is nearby and hears Katrina call for help. Rapunzel extends her hand, telling Katrina to grab it. Katrina is afraid at first, but grabs Rapunzel's hand and is pulled out, but slips, almost falling back in and taking Rapunzel with her. However, Stefan arrives and saves them both. He thinks Rapunzel for saving his sister.

Later, Katrina, after being goaded by her sisters, who asks Stefan when he is going to see Rapunzel again. He replies "Soon, I hope."

Katrina and her siblings are at the masquerade ball in honor of Prince Stefan's birthday. They stand on the balcony, watching the ball. When Gothel appears, Katrina and her sisters try to stop her by throwing fruits at her. So Katrina runs away with her sisters when Gothel attacks them with magic.

Katrina and her siblings participate the wedding of Stefan and Rapunzel.


Katrina is a nice playful girl, who likes big holidays in her castle. Melody calls her "brave", when she and Lorena ask her to ask Stefan about the long-haired girl.


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