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Princess Lacey (simply known as Lacey) is a supporting character in the 2006 animated film, Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses. She is the youngest twelfth daughter of King Randolph and the late Queen Isabella, and is triplets with Janessa and Kathleen.

She is voiced by Chantal Strand, who also voiced Cassie from the Dragon Tales, Princess Katrina in Barbie as Rapunzel, Cloud Princess Rose in Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus, Princess Sofia in Barbie as The Island Princess, and she is played by the Kelly character in the Barbie doll line.


With the morning, Lacey along with her 11 sisters are coming to the dining room as time on rationing with the breakfasts. Saluted with their father, Randolph and kissing each other, Genevieve is a last who comes out when holds to her loyal pet cat, Twyla with her own hands, takes a food and that to greater eating just do this. After their finishing to taste on foods, Lacey, Genevieve, Fallon, and other princesses are gets outside of palace which doing now as meets with Derek and the green parrot named Felix. No waste to time, Lacey is actually using the key to opening the door of carriage, even kept on eyes she saw that was the new ballet shoes.

Spare on wish, she and her sisters are obtains on the shoes with then they are commend in dancing. Among with on the circle bedroom, where Janessa collects her own several insects. Lacey gets on the bed as she remembers her sisters was always afraid a snakes, spiders, and scorpions, including Courtney, Ashlyn, and Blair. When Randolph's cousin, Rowena is soon arrived on the kingdom, trains all of the princesses right away that she is often pretty well was to be with Brutus and Desmond her aims to killed Randolph it so proving rules the kingdom due to her proud nature. After that, Lacey, Janessa, and Kathleen are celebrate their birthdays.

Genevieve and other princesses are makes the gifts to them where which to singing the songs with personally in for do wants, confirms their late mother's story. Discovered the magical world to trading with the golden pavilion, Lacey danced with Genevieve and her sisters that falling down as her knee is injured well. Nonetheless, Genevieve is need to dabbed the water from nearby foutain to cures her in continued to dance. Lacey, Janessa, and Kathleen are sleeping but waiting them to returns in the kingdom. Because that is overset of Rowena with cabal, Randolph was already sick out, Lacey, Genevieve, and other princesses are went to the bedroom to sings with their father.

When Derek is offered the new shoes with Genevieve, Lacey and her sisters are roughly about that Rowena is tries to poisoning their father to commiting a crimes as the queen and plan to takes over the kingdom. Traveling to magical world in once more, Lacey, Genevieve, and other princesses are further danced where later forced by Rowena to cleaning up to do it. Lacey and her sisters thinks about the true circumstances with not even blames their father, Rowena is angry locked all of princesses into the room. After she and her sisters are leaving the bedroom and arrived in magical world, Rowena, Brutus, and Desmond are goes to the room and find the missing princesses but whence they are being disappeared.

Brutus deliberately mocking to Desmond, Rowena leave it alone and Desmond snaps with Brutus to gives. However, Derek later formally arrived in magical world with Felix. Lacey and Genevieve were saw their sisters are danced with golden prince by stage positive to be so romantic in never ravages to likes other princesses. After the gate and ship were gone, it was too late at the saw, Genevieve and Derek are dances because the stone is now working upon that which is being with to helps Lacey and her sisters its too to dancing with magic powers, traveling back on the kingdom and saved Randolph from Rowena. She had also supply with the water from the enchanted Pavilion.

When Genevieve, Derek, Twyla, Felix, and other princesses were fights with Rowena's minions, Lacey and her sisters are worried about that father is very danger for Rowena. Begs them to stop Rowena from control the kingdom, Genevieve enter the palace in order to called Desmond out for it, Derek used his right foot to trips Desmond that not turnovers on locked him into the room. Under her reverence in eventually, she is also go in the palace to save her father but grabbed by Desmond, who can gets out from the room. Randolph was forget oneself that his falling into sleep as his drinks the poisoning tea by Rowena. Genevieve defeated Rowena and forced her to expelling from the kingdom, which such her iterated to dance by her magic.

Desmond is unleash Lacey's left hand and helps Rowena then he also repeats dancing with her, she cure her father with the magic water in make sure to awaken. Randolph remember his cousin's bad matters is no longer allowed on thus can apologized with Genevieve and Lacey, Lacey is always happy to hugs with her father by so proofs that she saved him with fidelity. Later on, Genevieve arranged to marry Derek. Lacey sitting the wedding carriage with Genevieve together, gets off after into the garden and saw Derek and their father. By a way, Lacey along with her sisters, father, and Derek were dancing to make honoured with the kingdom.


Remains loyal to her family, Lacey sometimes needs help with things likes climbing into her bed. While this causes her to think she is not as good as everyone else, making her unsure of her worth. But she finds out that it isn't so when she saves her father from death by poisoning by Rowena.

Physical Appearance

Lacey has blonde hair and light teal eyes. She is very similar to her father, so, she has a very good relationship with him. Her favorite color is light purple; her princess and ballet dresses are in this color. When she wears ballet dress and Rowena's gray dress, she ties her hair into a bun; in other cases her hair is untied.


  • Lacey is the youngest of the princesses in the movie and is younger than Janessa and Kathleen.
  • Lacey is eight years old.
  • Lacey's favorite gem is the amethyst.
  • Lacey's favorite flower is the white lily.
  • Her hairstyle is similar to Cloud Princess Blush from the Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus.


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