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Princess Liana (simply known as Liana) is the main protagonist in the 2008 animated film, Barbie & the Diamond Castle. She is a Princess of Music who lives with her best friend Princess Alexa in a cottage deep in the woods.

She is played by Barbie and voiced by Kelly Sheridan, and her singing voice is provided by Melissa Lyons.


At the begins, Liana and Alexa, both are the good friends lived in the homeland whom has simple gain an paids on traded various flowers then deeply be in an obsessed with musics. At the afternoon, while the windstorm was surge it vis-a-vis on undermined the gardens but Liana has remains herself as impoverished floriculturist after she could be done very well her inventing an double heart-shaped stones to forming the symbolical necklaces for companionships. Later that on, Liana and Alexa are meets with the old lady, who sometimes being a poorly that she very dispirited hungry by waits for the lunching foods too. Under the requests, Liana is subesquently to gives the old lady a baked bread so thanking to her by haggle, which happened as there is a magic mirror inside the black packaging.

Liana eventually takes the mirror that she thanks to the old lady by her gives a special gifts, the two are heard the most familiar sounds when they were looking in the mirror. Proof that the sound should be Melody, the young woman who is apprentice of Muses of Music, was her being sealed in the mirror. Melody knew that before there a witch named Lydia who had been dating her and her friends Dori and Phaedra when they were three musical Muses who lived in Diamond Castle while have played a music. It was not long before, Lydia has intended to launch a coup. Unexpectedly her mastered the evil powers and turned on Dori and Phaedra into the stone statues yet is later had the ability to dominating on the Diamond Castle, Melody hopes to be careful that ordinary her escaped.

Despite the accident, Melody trapped in the mirror straightway when she blew the magic whistle, which was might leds on formally to destroyed by Slyder, Lydia's dragon henchmen. Liana and Alexa sings a songs to Melody but they are not carelessly to her, Slyder will arrived in the area to hear Melody's voice and he will definitely went to torturing on her. Meantime, Slyder was snaps on wants to eliminates the hometown. Liana and Alexa immediately escaped because Slyder wanted to pursue them. Then Liana and Alexa hid quietly in the room, and Slyder walked into the room slowly to find the two before chasing them. Liana and Alexa have been discovered by Slyder and they are continue to escapes after their leaving the house, even their hometown was burned out by flames.

However, Liana and Alexa ordered Melody to persevere and maintain their safety first. While searching for Diamond Castle, they met two small dogs, Sparkles and Lily, who had lost their way. Liana and Alexa are allowed to treat the two puppies as their favorite pets, Sparkles and Lily are devoted with their owners even they are very cute and likes to having funs with them. By the journey, Liana and Alexa went to the village with their puppies in a while, they should know that they are hungry before looking for some food to eat. Melody admitted to having a responsible idea, what to do if the two women have no money now to the man Edger. Next, they are comes to the tavern together after going to the stage, preparing to sing and play guitar for most audiences.

When Liana and Alexa are singing "We're Gonna Find It" together, the two puppies could dance intently on stage. Although Liana, Alexa, and Melody's singing is very good, everyone may encourage them. At this time, the twin brothers, Ian and Jeremy were watching Liana and Alexa are singing on the stage with kind motions. After Liana and Alexa finished singing that they were went off the stage, Edger was being very satisfied with sending two rich feasts to them. Liana and Alexa, who are substitutes, told Edger that it is convenient to remember Ian and Jeremy. Eating some big meals, Ian and Jeremy singing and played two guitars for Liana and Alexa it was a pleasure to work together with them half-heartedly, Melody guessed that the two men belonged to pistachios.

Suddenly, Liana and Alexa will pack several foods in their own baskets then Ian and Jeremy are messed up by the ladies and immediately escape after hiding there. Since the four have left the tavern, Lydia and Slyder are about to appears in the village. Entering the tavern casually, Lydia agreed on her tricks and used evil magic to control Edger and everybody. Arrived in the forest, Sparkles is barks out that her hiding on Liana's basket undetected. Liana and Alexa are meets with Lydia and Slyder, who are willing to be embarrassed with them. Whether Lydia wants to hand over the mirror for Liana, Melody for her not to believe that Lydia is the best. That is, Liana decided to protect Melody, Lydia ruthlessly used black magic to resist Liana and Alexa.

Their necklaces defends the women normally, Ian and Jeremy, who recently came to the forest, rode two horses to rescue the two women. Slyder flew over in the forest to chasing them, but his hitting by a few stones. Eventually on the duties, Liana, Alexa, Ian, and Jeremy are encountered a troll, who had deliberately grabbed the two puppies or teased with them. Trolls lets the two puppies go, Liana knows that the troll is not really a bad man, just to guess a riddles for everyone. Melody, who will only be trapped inside in the mirror has particular cheered on them while not plague. Troll created the Rainbow Bridge for them and walked away, Liana and Alexa moved on after crossing the bridge. Reaching the edifice in the middle of the woods, Liana and Alexa knocked on the door by a way.

Liana and Alexa asked the two servants, who had being brainwashed by Lydia. The two servents knows that they are mistresses at home and greets on them, Liana and Alexa entered the room and saw that the table was completely rich foods. By the time, Liana and Alexa came to another room and saw more clothes in the wardrobe. The two kept arguing and Melody would have begs them on stops, she and Sparkles are temporarily leaving the apartment. Alexa just needs to stayed with Lily, grievously drop the friendship necklace to relinquish all of the lopsided lives. Alexa was spotted by Slyder when she opened the door of the apartment, but was caught and taking to saw Lydia. At the night, Liana and Melody are went to Seven Stone together.

Even if their were touches on getting arresting by Slyder, hold on them to meeting Lydia for once again. Alexa, the one who had brainwashed by Lydia's evil spell that Liana must rejected telling Lydia about her harassed to Melody to finds the Diamond Castle. While Liana freed out that her strikes down by Slyder alongside with Alexa so falling into a precipice though very bad it. Liana and Alexa grabbed the branch and climbed up, Lydia wants to continues thwarts on Melody even after she stealing the mirror. Lily appeared and handed the necklace to Liana, she agreed to let Alexa wears the necklace again to revocation of the evil spell for Lydia, Ian and Jeremy are availed by Sparkles and Lily while they are being looking for after Liana and Alexa.

Time to stop Lydia, Liana and Alexa facing her and Melody takes a too excessive cheated by Lydia her thinks that they are shams it to be controlled by the evil magic. When Ian and Jeremy are allure on Slyder together to defeating him and Lydia attempted on establishment of the whirlpool, compel on them to jumping into the pool before drowned to dies. Liana and Alexa steal on Lydia's flute and Melody is refined on breaking herself of the mirror. As the mirror was dropping into the pool, Sparkles was quickly to bringing mirror back to Liana, Lydia was going to hold her own flute exaggeratedly. Just in case it she accidentally fell into the pool to disappeared presently, she depressed due to Melody almost sacrificed it was enough that Muses instruments would puts her back.

Liana, Alexa, Ian, and Jeremy were later traveling for the Diamond Castle, Melody was freed from the magic mirror as she helps them to invented the musical appliances. Before finds the instruments, Liana and Alexa are willing to transforms their own dresses to new ones while singing has becomes more highest. Liana, Alexa, and Melody enter the room together and encounter two musical instruments. Lydia and Slyder are return that attempted to killed them in retaliation, Melody takes the musical instruments and to gives on Liana and Alexa. The three women sang songs against Lydia and Slyder with musical instruments, by now they will turning on them into the stone statues. Lydia's evil spell has been canceled, the two muses Dori and Phaedra are turns back to their original humanity.

Dori and Phaedra, who have returned to the Diamond Castle and reunite with Melody, Liana and Alexa are really crowned by Dori and Phaedra but they are wait on as princesses of Music. Furthermore, Liana saw that Dori and Phaedra give Melody a recovering Lydia's bright blue flute and two little girls gives Ian and Jeremy the two blue electric guitars for own sake but her obtain a golden magical seeds likes treasure giving by Phaedra, Alexa was having a seeds gives by Dori. Started the most distinctive party, Liana and Alexa danced with Ian and Jeremy. Leaving the castle after dancing, Liana and Alexa took a carriage together and went home, saying goodbye to Melody and other friends. Certain the points, Liana and Alexa return to their homes was will seeing many magic flowers in the garden, and the two puppies were careful now. While she helps planting the flowers into diamonds, Ian and Jeremy are sings on lingers them while the flowers slowly growing up.


Liana is a good-hearted, friendly, loyal, selfless, and courageous young woman who has crushes on Alexa. Despite her worthy understood on each answers, Liana is passionately in fond of music but will be discovery for everywhere on the distances. Ever like for it, the Diamond Castle was a secret realm, she and Alexa are very wonderment by imply on when Melody had behaves for releasing from the magical mirror. Whatsoever, she and Alexa are being in love with Ian and Jeremy, revolve on their enjoy a funs than Melody and their two puppies.


  • Her name in Germany is Delia, which is the name of one of the princesses in Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses.


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