Princess Lorena, also known as the Peacock Princess, is a minor character in the 2002 animated film, Barbie as Rapunzel. She is the daughter of King Frederick, and the sister of Prince Stefan, Prince Tommy, Princess Melody, and Princess Katrina. Melody, Lorena and Katrina are triplets.

She is voiced by Jocelyne Loewen, and she is played by the Lorena character in the Barbie doll line.


Lorena and her sisters appeared in castle's garden. They are found out their horse Botticelli was hungry. Lorena is wanted to eat the last apple, but when her sisters look on her, she has surely gives up and feeds Botticelli the apple.

When Katrina was falls into a trap, Lorena rides for help. Possibly, Stefan has come by her call.

After, Lorena appears at masquerade ball. She doesn't like it, saying she prefers a good book. When Gothel appears in the castle, Lorena and her sisters try to stop her, but Gothel attacks them and they run away.


Lorena is shown as the most serious of the three sisters. She likes to read and doesn't like balls. She is also shown to be a quick thinker, as she rode for help when her sister Katrina fell into a trap.


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