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Heroine Overview

I've always dreamed of marrying somebody I love... and who loves me!
~ Luciana.
You told me not to eat anything! Why would you say that unless...you poisoned it?
~ Luciana as she turning on Ariana.

Princess Luciana (simply known as Luciana) is one of the supporting characters in the 2007 animated film, Barbie as The Island Princess. She is the daughter of Queen Ariana and unnamed deceased father.

She is voiced by Candice Nicole.


Luciana first went to downstairs and encountered King Peter and Queen Danielle, who has chosen as the fiancé of King Peter and Queen Danielle's son, Prince Antonio because she had to marry a princess. She is a honorary bookworm who regularly haves her mother, Ariana to giving by a chiefly chance with them. Perhaps so will originally be readily was to be abide to her family by geld, her father is died while for marriage with her mother in early years of Wednesday. Ariana did not loving her husband who is being selfish that tried to used her own plans to conquered the kingdom of Peter, swears on revenge to kills King Peter's family for banished her parents into a pig ranch.

Meanwhile in turn, Luciana was in her bedroom, taking a book to read out, and looked at each font, so it would be neat. Trying making a lot of arouse, she has gently sing a song with her mother by surety. Ariana just plainly to disdained with Luciana, who have to be afford with compelling to pressed by her for be profound on spur and not ever reading the book was it. Ariana accepted to indulgence in order was taken aback, Luciana stepped out of the room to thinking about her mother was gladden, thanking her mother for behold. After she leaving the room, Ariana singing and danced cheerfully then decided to do every jobs is to be worth for itself.

Although Luciana is terrible as sees Ariana punish the victims, the relationship between the two cannot success. Due to Antonio saw Rosella at first glance, Luciana had little in common with him. On the afternoon, Luciana, Rosella, Antonio, and Tallulah were joins the tea party with Ariana and Antonio's family. Rosella then fortuitously in scalded her mouth when she drank a cup of tea. Luciana doomed to grant Rosella in watching her how to drinks tea. Spins on that this tea was to be drank rashly, Rosella thanks to Luciana for her give assistance.

Hopefully, Luciana, who have speaking to her mother that they are thinks very likely about the watercolor to Antonio. Ariana has take out a biscuit from the silver vast plate, using her left foot to trips the men as a result a few biscuits was fell, tossing on Rosella's dress. Rosella melancholy to leave them because she had detest with Ariana, but her own gown is not very soil that does not matter and ignored Ariana. After Rosella left the teahouse, Luciana either to seeing her mother eats the biscuit. Luciana and Antonio are walked down the street outside of the Royal Palace that the two was on customarily sanity for where it this.

Thoughtful on Antonio's matter is his followed the wind on discovered somethings anew around the next gulf during the traveling, Luciana knows that Antonio did not missed the consolation house. However, Antonio, Ariana, and Peter are visiting to pig pen, the pig will jumping on the mire and stained on Ariana's red dress. Ariana is pretty ropy that her dress was already dirty, Luciana buck up on helped her mother to cleaning the gown, Peter and Antonio were saw Rosella having fun that creep on the tree with Tallulah together. By the lasting, when Luciana and Antonio are party dancing in the ballroom, Rosella would reminded Antonio of the vow by her, as wants to be dance with him.

Latterly on the denotations of Rosella, Luciana is permitted by fervour to Antonio while talks about with her mother, Rosella have to formally to left the kingdom by after the ended of dancing to Antonio. At the wedding, Luciana prepare to married Antonio, Ariana make a bridal gown to Luciana with hard on. With a strongly matters and betide utterly onto tranquil, Luciana, who is pertained by her mother for a minus times when they always rears and knowing needs to loosen, nothing for wears out to erroneous a poses. Being feelble mets when she wearing her wedding dress, isn't weak with Ariana and Antonio. Ritual of wedding was should be started up, Luciana waited for her mother that she stands outside the big door of the wedding room.

Ariana, who have stood in the greenhouse that puts the fatal sleeping poison (Sunset Herb) into the wedding cake. Ariana's arrival of her daughter side, Luciana took her mother's hand that they went straight into the room. Ariana was looking after Luciana at ever, attending Luciana and Antonio's wedding. Rosella, Azul, Sagi, and Tika are arriving in Apollonia together, they are tried to takes a healing tonic to saved the animal friends, Tiny, the bird who have collide on the banner and succored by Rosella in the previous journey, sniff at the hears of the wedding foods was completely the sunset herb, Rosella agrees this problems now.

Right now, Rosella arrested by a guard in her upshot when she reaps the remedy tonic to treating the unconscious Azul. Outcome, Luciana discovered that Tika attacked the guard and sneak into the wedding room to helps Antonio, Sagi holds on a remedy that reaching the bedroom to heals Tallulah. The guard grabbed Rosella by left hand, Antonio conclusively to emerge that pique allowed on lets him releasing Rosella. Antonio and Tika knew that Rosella has be fine not accurately detriment, Luciana walked outside the greenhouse with her mother, Peter, and Danielle, presenting Rosella's story. Antonio and Rosella must believes them, telling to everybody talking about Ariana's bad fettle.

Tallulah, who being poisoned by the sunset herb by Ariana's three pet rats and falling into asleep, saved by Sagi's tonic and returns to Danielle. Acknowledgment of Ariana's crucial plans by wonted shuck, Luciana may have noticed that Ariana puts the sunset herb into the wedding cake, warned her to be was never eating the foods anymore, Ariana was terrified to seeing her three pet rats poisoned to die while they are tried to eating the cake. Though Ariana is formidable of them, topple Antonio and Rosella since before quickly escaping, Luciana later support and helps Rosella, Antonio, and Tika to go after in captured Ariana.

When Luciana should stayed in the castle then does not deal with her mother, Ariana was rides a wedding carriage to moving on snap a mizzle. Rosella, Antonio, and Tika are pursuing of Ariana for do in order by her rage a vexed. However, Ariana dared to overthrowing the two teenage women on purpose, laughed at them gleefully and continued to crossing the road. Fortunately, after Antonio saved the two and Rosella and Tika could not keep up with Ariana. At some point, whilst on having by expect, Ariana eventually downfall into the pig pen and shroud in slime to permanently was will be soon after being defeated by Rosella, Rosella successfully defend the kingdom of Apollonia as well as Luciana is mighty to remains her cordial devotion by Antonio and Rosella to be like savour, when she let Antonio's family jolly at all amazement.

As Rosella was reunited with her mother, Queen Marissa, Luciana wishing to praise Rosella and replacing her mother to be as the queen, which have now as she was never marry Antonio. Finally, Luciana revealed that she liked the handsome man sitting next to her at the wedding of Rosella and Antonio (except that both of them just smiled at each other), she alongside with King Peter, Queen Marissa, and Queen Danielle are bid farewell to Antonio and Rosella. Luciana has a light brown cat named Pearl.


Luciana is good-hearted, cheerful, clever, selfless, gentle, helpful, faithful, and polite woman who be with likes she wants, such as reading books, playing music, painting, took care for animals, and writing but so on, her sounds is compared to her mother. Luciana was never showing as cruel, foolish, and outright, no more very much to make a mistake by ones, its right.

She is very romantic who have talking about romance or love and is a true genius. Luciana is not very pride nor adventurous, because she would rather stay in a comfortable home. By thereby, Luciana is often shown to be resourceful and smart than the street, who almost fluent to do milds was forasmuch be great for Antonio and Rosella by correct was her flawless sense to be a better for it.

Unlike her mother, she is very honest, like Rosella. At the case and thus far by one, Luciana was a scapegoated by her mother's rasp. Around for her father's death in the tragedy past, only tangible when Ariana was laying to blaming Luciana by once again. Turning out that Ariana was to be absentminded by Antonio and Rosella, Luciana wants to be with regard by her mother. Ariana, who lead a poisoning of the wedding foods by impertinence that was fearing on, Luciana dislikes her mother's tyranny, but well not.

Truly was to be indeed by Rosella and Tika, Luciana, Antonio, Queen Danielle, Queen Marissa, and King Peter are refers that Ariana is a guileful person on byword, since her mother atrocity behavior as grave. By now on, she decided to stand up and served Rosella. Ariana abusing the most animals was so disgraceful by her grumpy, Luciana was shocked when her mother kept ran away and knocked Rosella and Antonio down.


  • Luciana is similar with Delancy Devin and Fergis in the way both their parents used them for their own selfish gain. They are went to against their own parents to helped the films main protagonists and have their own happy endings.


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