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Princess Rosella, also known as Ro, is the main protagonist in the 2007 animated film, Barbie as The Island Princess. She is the only daughter of Queen Marissa and an unnamed king, the wife of Prince Antonio, the daughter-in-law of King Peter and Queen Danielle, and the sister-in-law of Princess Sofia, Princess Rita, and Princess Gina.

She is played by Barbie and voiced by Kelly Sheridan.


At the early life, Rosella was shipwrecked one night in a big storm when she was only 6 years old. She grew up on a far away deserted island on the South Seas for 10 years, and she was raised by her animal friends: Sagi, the wise, red panda; Azul, the proud peacock; and Tika the baby elephant. Upon being shepwrecked, Rosella is left with amnesia and forgets her family, where she's from, and her name, so, because she finds a trunk with broken nameplate on the island that says "Ro", that is what she thinks her name is. One day, a prince named Antonio comes to the island to explore. When Antonio and Fracier are attacked by crocodiles, Rosella quickly saves them. Rosella and Antonio quickly form a strong bond, and Antonio asks her if she would like to return with him to his kingdom. Never afraid of adventure, Rosella agrees in hope of finding her birth family.

During the boat ride, Rosella and Antonio fall in love, but Rosella doesn't understand how she feels. When Rosella and Antonio arrive at Apollonia, Rosella meets Antonio's three sisters: Princess Gina, Princess Rita, and Princess Sofia. She also meets his parents, King Peter and Queen Danielle. However, Rosella and Antonio find out that Antonio is betrothed to Princess Luciana. Luciana, who is a sweet, kind, artistic, and polite girl, realizes quickly that Antonio and Rosella are already in love. She is tries to tell her mother, Queen Ariana. Ariana doesn't agree that people should marry for love, and should marry for power instead. The next day, Rosella tries to please Antonio's parents, but it all ends in disaster because of Ariana.

At this time, Rosella and Antonio would have a tea party with Luciana, Ariana, Peter, Danielle, and her pet monkey, Tallulah when they were free. When Rosella was able to wink in the blink of an eye, accidentally burn her mouth while she drinking tea. Luciana learned to respect her and show her how to drink tea, Rosella understands that a cup of tea is to be drunk slowly. Thanks to Luciana for her help, she tried to drink the tea as much as possible to remember her favorite craving. Ariana tripped a man with her left foot when she wanted to take out a biscuit. Several cookies was falling off, Rosella was frightened and left without flacker that she ignoring Ariana. Actually, her own dress was not dirty at all.

Returning to the greenhouse, Rosella looks the flowers already blooming everywhere, which have these flowers fill with nature and make the whole plants to burly. When Tallulah just walked into the greenhouse, Rosella meets with Tallulah as she reive a small watermelon from the tree to her. Eating a watermelon for Tallulah but tasted is really good, Rosella is trim to takes cares for her. Tallulah wants to teach Rosella how to climb trees, Rosella decided to recognize her motion that she shinny on trees to played with her. In an attempt to cheer Rosella up, her animal family and Tallulah, suggest Rosella goes to the ball.

Rosella agrees and soon finds herself at the ball in a beautiful blue ball gown. Antonio asks her to dance, she tries to make an excuse at first, but then, happily accepts. While they dancing, Antonio asks Rosella to stay with him. Rosella refuses saying that he and Luciana belong together. When Antonio was tries to stop her, that she pleads for him to not make it harder for her. After the ball, Rosella goes to Sagi for comfort. Sagi tells her that he saw a carriage with a banner that looked like the one that was washed up onto the island with her. When she found out that the owners of the carriage never had a daughter, she leaves disappointed.

Nevertheless, Rosella, Sagi, Azul, and Tika are attaining to the pigs pen. Tiny, who have a little time for check out the sunset herb, which was bedamn to poisoned on via by malign then carelessly into asleep. Rosella wants to reach out and touch it, smells that the sunset herb was too disgusting. No one who lived in the greenhouse, Rosella venture with Sagi, Azul, and Tika, she helps Peter and his men to doing something about save the ailments of others. They are pay no attention to Rosella, who well damnable to blamed by them. Taking into the dungeon with Azul, Sagi, and Tika, Rosella was never offending with vice. Antonio, who leds the guard to released Rosella and the animals, hold on to returns his throne was therefrom liability in marry on Luciana.

Prepare on to take the vessel, Rosella takes toil to about that Tika is decent for unlucky sustain as Azul has deep slumber due to his uncareful to eats the sunset herb. Ariana, who have unexpectedly to led the crewman to destroy the ship, Rosella and her animals family were submerge into the seawater. Remember her memories, Rosella is a little girl as the man who was worthy stem to yelled her out, hang on to save her then the vessel could tenor on immerse. Shouting the dolphins to salvage all of one, Rosella and Tika are returned to Apollonia, founds the tonic to curing the unconscious Azul. Tiny was once again to connive on her, Rosella smelling that the flavor of the wedding cake is completely a smack of the sunset herb by Ariana. Nevermind, she was giving the tonic to Sagi but captured by the guard.

Tika was angry to strike down the guard, sneaking into the wedding house to assist Antonio. As the guard seized Rosella, Antonio ordered to prevent him that also let her go, Sagi haste on going to the bedroom to curing Tallulah. Peter, Danielle, Luciana, Ariana, and everyone else are appeared in the outside of the greenhouse, Antonio reminding his father about the deal they made. Tallulah, who was thanks to Rosella for healing her, back to Danielle's side. Rosella soon tells everyone about Ariana's plots. Ariana tries to deny it, but Luciana eventually confirms Rosella's story. Rosella abruptly as she reminded Ariana of using poisonous one to puts into the wedding cake. Annoying after this, Ariana decides to escaped after seeing that her three pet rats had been poisoned to died in thus forbearance pushing down Rosella and Antonio without dissimilar ado.

Rosella was lifted up with Antonio, going on chased Ariana with Tika. Ariana incidentally riding in a carriage just keeping fled, overthrown the two teenage woman as in feeling to mocking them. Although Rosella and Tika must hurry to be step by step as catch up with Ariana, Antonio saving the two from Ariana's insults. Rosella looking for the abscond of Ariana, picking up the tree branch to throwing her into the pig pen as soon be finish off. After Ariana fall out and dropping into pigs farms, Rosella preferably to apologize with Peter and Danielle and she is declared to outgiving as the hero of Apollonia. Luciana was no longer knackered by her mother that no one who repeated the conducts, bowing to Antonio by the way, replaced her mother as the queen by her instead.

Both Rosella and Luciana are pretty good very so umpteen, enjoying happy by ditty to their royal family looking at on. When Rosella embrace with Antonio, married to him by tight. Eventually, Peter welcomes her into the family. Rosella has tells everyone that her real name, Ro is Rosella and Marissa steps forward, saying that she had a daughter named Rosella. Rosella starts to sang a lullaby. After finding out that Rosella was her long lost daughter, Marissa and Rosella are had hugs now. Soon, the wedding of Rosella and Antonio takes place and the happy couple is seen sailing into the sunset for their honeymoon on Rosella's Island finally having all their questions and dreams answered.


Princess Rosella is a brave, selfless, loving, honest, determined, and adventurous girl who is loyal to her animal friends. She loves to sing, whether her friends want to sing with her or when she sings a lullaby to Tika that her mother taught her. Through she is also confused with civilization, making her a bit unconfident. By the end of the movie, Rosella has changed into a more responsible, and mature young woman, but keeps her taste of adventure.


  • Rosella's name comes from Rosellas, colorful parrots native to Australia and nearby islands, and Rosela, a red flower from Africa which can be processed into tea.
  • Rosella is similar to Anastasia from Don Bluth's Anastasia.


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