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Princess Roxanne

Princess Roxanne, the Ruby Princess, is one of the four Jewel Princesses, and the protagonist of any Jewel Kingdom books that start with The Ruby Princess, particularly the short film adaptation of the one titled The Ruby Princess Runs Away.

Feeling unable to be a ruler, Roxanne runs away from the kingdom.

In the film, Roxanne is played by Michelle Horn who, like in the case of her Young Kiara character, doesn't do her own singing. Instead, her singing is dubbed by Molly Bauckham who played her villain imposter counterpart Rudgrin.


Roxanne can turn invisible with her magical silver-and-ruby shield. She must say an incantation for it to work, and it only works for a short time, but during that time she and anyone she touches will remain unseen.

Technically, Roxanne can fly when she is riding on the back of her best friend and royal advisor, the dragon Hapgood.


  • Roxanne prefers to wear breeches instead of dresses.
  • Roxanne's dress is made of red satin.
  • Roxanne likes to climb trees, horseback ride, and swim.
  • Roxanne has a few things in common with Kiara (also portrayed by her actress, Michelle Horn):
    • They are both princesses.
    • They both have problems with ruling.
      • Both think it is no fun, but Roxanne, specifically, also feels like she is unable, seeing as she can barely take care of herself, including combing her own hair.
    • Michelle Horn has a singing double for both characters (Charity Sanoy for Kiara, and Molly Bauckham for Roxanne, as mentioned above).
    • They both like to go out on into the world by themselves.
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