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Hero Overview

I'll leave the crawling to you, you repulsive reptile!
~ Princess Toadstool to King Koopa in "Butch Mario and the Luigi Kid".
Fear not, my friends! It's Princess T. to the rescue!
~ Princess Toadstool to Mario, Luigi and Toad in "Trojan Koopa".

Princess Toadstool is one of five protagonists of three first Mario animated series, The Super Mario Super Show!, The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3., and Super Mario World TV Show. She is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom who serves as regent to her father, the Mushroom King. Unlike games, Toadstool is a character in its own right who actively participates in the adventures of Mario, Luigi and Toad.

She was voiced by Jeannie Elias in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! and Tracey Moore in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and the Super Mario World cartoon.

Differences from Peach

  • Based on her sprite from the first two Super Mario Bros., she has red hair and green eyes here. Her gloves are also missing, although they appear from the third series. Her crown lacks jewels and her jewelry are green.
  • Unlike games where she plays the role of a damsel in distress, she is a strong woman here who is perfectly able to free herself from Bowser/King Koopa without the help of the Mario brothers.
  • Like the other heroes, she clearly shows a high degree of hostility towards Bowser, unlike the game where she sometimes tries to bring him back to the right side and seems on some occasions to appreciate him.


  • In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, one of Princess Daisy's alternate costumes is based on Princess Toadstool's design from the Mario cartoons.
  • Princess Toadstool's final speaking role and final physical appearance in the Mario cartoons is "A Little Learning" as she, Mario and King Koopa only appear in a flashback in the final Mario cartoon episode, "Mama Luigi".