Princess Zelda!
Princess Zelda or simply Zelda is one of the main characters who appears in the Cute Mario Bros. series. She first appears in Journey to Hyrule part 2 when she rescues the Mario Brothers and Peach from Ganondorf's clutches with her bow and light arrows. She serves as Link's girlfriend and an ally to the Mario Brothers.


Her appearence is identical to her Wind Waker Toon form from Wind Waker HD. She has blonde hair, an crown, a pink and gold including purple and blue dress. She wears white tights, white gloves, pink necklace and she wears dark pink shoes.

She uses an bow and light arrows as her weapon.


Princess Peach

She and Peach like each other, she loves her boyfriend Link similiar that how Mario loves Peach.


Link is Zelda's boyfriend who starts to like the Mario brothers after tasting the slice of Pizza. She also keeps an eye on him and assumes his safety.


Like Link, Zelda gains respect for Tingle and began to like each other similiar to the Mario brothers.

Mario and Luigi

Like Link, Zelda likes to keep an eye on Mario and Luigi with respect for their Mario Party members.

Kermit the Frog

Like Link and the Mario brothers, Zelda gains respect for Kermit the Frog and helps him to be happy with the others people.

Makar Korok

Makar Korok is Zelda and Link's best friends who manages to attack Ganon for Link. After Ganondorf is forced to retreat, she keeps an eye on Link and Zelda similiar to the Mario Brothers.


Ganondorf is Link and Zelda's archenemy who always kidnap the Princesses including Peach, but Zelda manages to foil him with Link and the Mario brothers.

Jack Skellington

Like Link and Kermit, Zelda keeps an eye on the Mario brothers and Jack with respect.

Mickey Mouse

Like Link, Jack and Kermit, Zelda keeps an eye on the Mario brothers and Mickey Mouse with respect.


She is the only female character who uses her instinct word while confronting an enemy similiar to Link.

The Cute Mario Bros. channel uses an Wind Waker HD Zelda, Link and Tingle.

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