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This scum Principal Peter Prickly
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You've got no minutes left, Phil! This is my school, and I want it back!
~ Principal Prickly to Phil in the final battle

Principal Peter Prickly is the Principal of Third Street Elementary school from the TV show, Recess.  He is sometimes good when he is with the Recess gang.  He had a friend who was a principal of a rival school.  He had a major role in the series and in Recess: School's Out. In fact, he serves as the deuteragonist in the film.

He was vocied by Dabney Coleman.


Even though he is about as strict as Ms. Finster, Prickly is quite benevolent, as he is seen in various episodes as actually caring about the students. He has a rather complicated relationship with the Recess Gang, more notably with T.J.. thanks to the boy's almost constant mischief and pranks. Prickly's dream is to one day rise up to be a middle school principal, as was stated numerous times in the series, though he stays the principal even after getting a position as one since he realized how appreciated he was at Third Street.

Originally, Prickly was hired as a teacher at Third Street but was promoted to principal by accident after he'd informed the district superintendent that his former best friend and ex-principal Dr. Phillium Benedict was trying to cancel recess in an attempt to stop him. During and after the events of the movie, he was reminded that he'd became a teacher all those years ago to help kids and not for the perks of his job.


Prickly is a tall man with greyish black hair and a thick mustache with thick glasses. He usally wears a a pink shirt, a greenish-teal tie, gray or light brown pants, and a black or dark brown tweed suit jacket with a handkerchief in its pocket.



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