290px-PrismBreak 01.jpg

The Beam is Supreme!
~ -Prism Break's official catchphrase

Prism Break is a rock golem Skylander in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.

He is voiced by Peter Lurie.


Prism Break was once a fearsome rock golem who didn't like to be disturbed. Then, an accidental cave-in left him buried underground. One hundred years later, a mining expedition digging for valuable jewels discovered him by chance with a well-placed blow from a pick axe -- something Prism Break doesn't talk about. After 100 years of solitude, he found that the pressure of the earth had transformed him emotionally as well as physically, turning his crude rocky arms into incredible gems with powerful energy. Grateful for being free of his earthly prison, Prism Break decided to put his new abilities to good use, and from that day forward, he dedicated himself to protecting the Mabu and Skylands alongside the other Skylanders.


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