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Prismo is an omnipotent pink two-dimensional being first mentioned in "The Lich," and a main character in the episodes "Finn the Human" and "Jake the Dog." He dwells in the Time Room which is found in the center of the multiverse. Booko describes him as "almighty."


Prismo can grant every being in the multiverse one wish. Once the wish is granted, the wisher is transported into his/her wish-altered reality.These wishes are powerful enough to change timelines, and create or destroy worlds. However, unless worded very specifically, his wishes usually have an unpredicted twist, since the wish often changes the timeline, or brings in an unwanted element.

Prismo can also create material items for himself and others without it counting as a wish, like food, and a hot tub, as seen in "Jake the Dog."


Cosmic Owl

Prismo is seen with the Cosmic Owl, and the two appear to be friends. The Cosmic Owl comes to hang out with Prismo in the Time Room while Jake is there, and he implies that he has done this in the past.


Prismo grows close to Jake while Finn was suffering the consequences of his wish, and he helps Jake to resolve the universe by telling him what to wish for. Jake says that Prismo is a strong number 3 on his cool guys list. Prismo later sends Jake a jar of pickles with a note, which said that he wanted to hang out with Jake more. Jake insists that he has to get Prismo a girlfriend.


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