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Priss in the original series

Priss Asagiri is one of the Knight Sabers in the anime series Bubblegum Crisis.

Original Series

Priss was originally part of a biker gang when her lover was shot down. She went out for revenge, but ran into Sylia, who made her the first recruit of the Knight Sabers.

Priss soon caught the eye of AD Police officer Leon MacNichol. She turned him down, but he persisted throughout the series.

Priss developed a budding friendship with a fellow biker called Sylvie, not knowing she was really a boomer (android). When a rogue boomer went on a killing spree, Priss stepped up to fight it, only to see that it was Sylvie all along, using human blood to keep herself and her boomer friend, Anri alive. Priss reluctantly killed her best friend.

Afterward, Priss considered leaving the Knight Sabers, but when she noticed Anri had been working for the boomer villain Largo, she went on a solo mission to fight him. Largo ruthlessly killed Anri in front of her, incurring Priss' wrath and nearly getting herself killed, but at that moment, her new hardsuit arrived, allowing her to gain an upper hand against Largo. With the help of the other Knight Sabers, Largo was defeated.

Tokyo 2040

Priss in the 2040 series

Priss' character is much more withdrawn in this version. She rarely lets any of the other Knight Sabers know what she's really thinking, showing a more militaristic side, as opposed to her rebellious counterpart in the original series.

When Galatea took over all of Tokyo and later on, the umbrella satellite that controls all the boomers in the world, Priss, Linna and Nene pursued her. Linna and Nene are taken out, leaving only Priss to face Galatea. She was nearly assimilated, but fought back and managed to kill Galatea once and for all.

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