Professor Emilius Browne is one of the main protagonists in Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

He is played by the late David Tomlinson.


He was Miss Eglantine Price's magic teacher and headmaster of the Collasponded College of Witchcraft in London, England, but because of the war he had to close it down so that meant Miss Price couldn't get the Substitutiary Locomotion spell. When she, Charlie, Carrie, and Paul got there, they found him as a magic salesman/con man who never truly believed in the spells he sold. After being turned into a rabbit, he told her that he got the spells from The Spells of Astoroth and decided to make a deal with her, if she helped him with business, he would help her find the spell. After facing a villainous Bookman and coaching the soccer game on The Isle of Naboombu, they finally found it, the first time not being a success. Then he decided to leave, but went back to help because of the Nazis, finally finding the magic in him to turn himself into a rabbit. In the end, he joined the British Army, because he said "The way things are, it's much too dangerous being a civilian." And so, he left with a wave and kiss to Miss Price.

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