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Professor Aurea Juniper is the regional Pokémon professor of Pokémon Black and White, situated in the Unova region.


Professor Juniper is a lithe woman with fair skin, green eyes, and poofy honey-colored hair. She wears a pale greenish-blue lab coat and a white blouse, along with a short green skirt and athletic white shoes with red stripes. She also has red rectangular earrings in both of her ears.



Right at the start of the game, you see her enter and quickly exit a house then you see you and your friends standing in front of a green box, you open it and find three Starter Pokémon and, as in all the other games, you choose first. Your male rival Cheren chooses the Starter with the type advantage over yours, while Bianca chooses the remaining Starter. When you have chosen your Pokémon, she demonstrates the method of simple battling and catching a wild Pokémon. She uses a Minccino to battle and she catches a Patrat, which can be seen in her lab.


At a port close to Nuvema Town, Professor Juniper greeted her colleague, Professor Oak, as well as Ash and his mother, Delia, who traveled to Unova with Professor Oak as well. Juniper took them all in a car to her lab, expressing she has many questions about Kanto's Pokémon, which are rarely seen in the Unova region. After scanning Ash's Pikachu, Professor Juniper was approached by her assistant, who pointed out a new trainer came to choose his starter Pokémon. Professor Juniper and Ash came into the lobby, greeting Trip. Professor Juniper presented Oshawott, Tepig, and Snivy, of which Trip chose Snivy as his partner. With this done, Professor Juniper equipped Trip with five Poké Balls and a Pokédex.

After Ash had his battle with Trip, Ash presented Pikachu to Professor Juniper, who scanned Pikachu and saw he was overloaded by electricity, since he got struck by a lightning bolt. A thundercloud hovered over Nuvema Town, making Juniper afraid, since Zekrom, the Legendary Pokémon of Unova, had come. In response, Pikachu started emitting electricity. Oak and Juniper tried to cure Pikachu, but failed. Ash held Pikachu, who electrocuted him in the rage. After the thunderclouds cleared, Pikachu was cured of his overload, relieving Professor Juniper. During the dinner, Ash expressed his desire of adventuring throughout Unova. Delia and Professor Oak approved of his wish, so Juniper, like with Trip, equipped Ash with Poké Balls and a Pokédex. Ash bid Professor Oak, his mother and Juniper farewell, who wished him luck in his journey.

The following day, Ash and Iris encountered an Oshawott and suspected it was Professor Juniper's, since Oshawott really liked Ash to follow him far away from the lab. They contacted Professor Juniper, who allowed Ash to keep Oshawott, sending Oshawott's Poké Ball as well. Since she forgot to give Ash a Badge Case, Professor Juniper asked Bianca to find Ash and give him the item. Bianca did so and showed on her Xtransciver Professor Juniper, who greeted the heroes, confirming Bianca's words. After capturing Sewaddle, Ash reported to the Professor. Juniper was pleased and gave him Pidove back for his Sewaddle.

Juniper heard about the Venipede invasion in Castelia City and conducted a research, wondering why would the Venipede be startled like that to come in the city. Her assistants managed to find out a presence in Desert Resort, so Juniper deduced something must've scared the Venipede, who usually lived there. Managing to continue the research, Juniper found out two major energy sources, which were merging. Professor Juniper took a plane to Castelia City, praising the heroes, who managed to calm down Venipede and take them to the central park. To find more, Professor Juniper, along with the heroes, flew off to the Desert Resort.

Professor Juniper worked with Fennel and met up with the heroes in a laboratory. Juniper explained the fossil they were about to revive was Archen's fossil, one of the oldest Pokémon of Unova region. Fennel, using Musharna's dream energy, triggered the machine, causing Archen to be revived, as Professor Juniper documented this with her camera. Despite Archen's docile and wild nature, Juniper was surprised to see Archen, despite being the ancestor of all flying-type Pokémon, could not fly, so decided to extend her research by studying its voice.

Juniper took a break, seeing Ash was an amazing trainer, wanting to help Archen to fly by training it. Suddenly, Fennel warned them about the overgrown plants, which destroyed the lab. Professor Juniper was shocked, and even more so to see Archen was eating the fruit from the plants, which even replenished itself by Archen's voice. Juniper suspected the plant's seeds must've been inside the fossil, along with Archen, seeing this would be Archen's new home. Team Rocket appeared and tried to capture Archen, who evolved into Archeops. During the commotion, James' Yamask set the plant ablaze, while James, Jessie and Meowth flew off. While the heroes managed to douse the flame, Archeops' nest had been ruined. Just then, Juniper saw a flock of other Archeops, realizing there must've been another place where Archeops lived in peace and isolation. Everyone bid Archeops farewell, as it flew off with its new family.

Before having his Gym match with Elesa, Ash contacted Professor Juniper. Professor Juniper was excited and promised to switch any of Ash's Pokémon for the battle. Professor Juniper was close to the Chargestone Cave, conducting an experiment and awaiting Bianca to come. Bianca contacted Professor Juniper, but the link was cut off. Juniper was alarmed something was wrong with the electricity, for her assistants sensed a disturbance in the area. Later on, Cilan and Iris met up with Professor Juniper, since they got separated from Ash and Bianca. Fortunately, it was discovered Team Rocket was attempting an experiment inside the Chargestone Cave and have been driven off. After returning to the camp, Bianca confirmed she would trade her Shelmet for Professor Juniper's Karrablast, the reason why Bianca came to Professor Juniper in the first place.

Seeing her father injured, Professor Juniper tended to her father, who soon recovered. Professor Juniper introduced her father, Cedric, to the heroes, pointing out he is a researcher on Legendary Pokémon. Cedric explained he found some mysterious ruins, which could hold information about Zekrom. Juniper gave Cedric the pen he dropped, who, after some thinking, decided to let the heroes accompany him to the ruins. The heroes and Cedric bid Professor Juniper farewell, as they moved onwards. The Sunglasses Krororok remembered Professor Juniper, who was with the heroes and Bianca at Chargestone Cave. While the group admired the Joltik and Galvantula inside the cave, Krokorok found a pen and threw it away, which got stuck inside Klinklang's gears.

In Mistralton City's Wishing Bell Festival, Iris saw she had to cosplay like Professor Juniper and thought of her. Before the Unova League began, Ash stored some of his Pokémon in Professor Juniper's lab. Professor Juniper promised to cheer for Ash, even if she was not present at the Unova League. The night before Ash had his battle with Stephan, he contacted Professor Juniper and switched some of his Pokémon for the upcoming battle.

With the Unova League over, Ash, along with Iris and Cilan, went back to Professor Juniper's lab. After relaxing a bit, they met up with Nanette, the nervous girl, whom they encountered earlier. Professor Juniper sent her starter Pokémon for Nanette to choose from. Nanette was too cautious, thinking she'd have to work for Juniper for a long time to get her starter Pokémon. Per Cilan's advice, Nanette chose Tepig, who was a lively Pokémon. After giving Nanette five Poké Balls, Juniper approved of the heroes' proposal to have a battle with Nanette, since she could learn much from it. Once Nanette spent the day at the lab, she bid farewell to the heroes and Professor Juniper. Professor Juniper received a call from her father, who managed to find the White Ruins, which are located close to Icirrus City. The heroes decided to go to the Ruins. Juniper approved of the idea and suggested going through Aspertia City, where a new Gym Leader, called Cheren, was located. The heroes bid Juniper farewell, who had to stay at the lab and do some work on her own.

After their battle with Team Plasma, the heroes came back to Nuvema Town, where they stayed at Professor Juniper's lab for a while. Juniper was interested in what the heroes would do next. Seeing Iris and Cilan still longed for an adventure with Ash, who was going to Pallet Town, Professor Juniper suggested them to take a cruise around Decolore Islands to reach Pallet Town. Juniper sent all of Ash's Pokémon to Professor Oak, who was hugged by Muk, prompting Professor Juniper to comment "some things never change". Professor Juniper took the heroes to the ferry, where she bought the tickets for the heroes to ride off on the cruiser. Before she came back, James, disguised as an old man, bumped into Juniper and replaced the tickets with false ones. Nevertheless, Juniper gave the heroes tickets and wished them good luck. After bidding farewell, Professor Juniper rode back to her laboratory. Professor Juniper was seen talking with Bianca in Best Wishes! ending theme.



Professor Juniper and her father, Cedric, were working at the lab. Black, who was five years old, tried to get their attention by having battles outside their laboratory, but failed, until he was 14 years old.

Black and White arc

Professor Juniper was at her lab, talking to a person, stating she would entrust the children with the Starter Pokémon. Before having dinner, she went to get the Pokémon - Tepig, Snivy and Oshawott - back into their Poké Balls. However, she got a call from Fennel. The two were discussing about the Dream Mist until Juniper heard loud noises from the lab. She went to inspect, and became terrified that the Pokémon made a mess around. She noted that Tepig even caught a cold, as it was sneezing out smoke. She called the three Pokémon into their Poké Balls, and wondered if they were ready to be given to their trainers. Regardless, she had the package delivered to Black, Cheren and Bianca. However, she didn't suspect that Black would've obtained the package first, and caused the Pokémon to get dispersed and the Pokédex to get wet.

Cheren and Bianca came to Professor Juniper's lab, where they found the Starter Pokémon, who were hurt a bit. Juniper was in shock as to what happened, while Cheren and Bianca explained that they were waiting for the package to arrive, yet it never came. The trio also noticed the Pokédexes being wet for some reason. Bianca made the most out of the situation and picked Oshawott as her Starter Pokémon. Cheren was a bit annoyed that Bianca got to choose first, to which she replied that Snivy did look like Cheren, while Juniper was annoyed that things never went as planned, as she had Minccino tidy up the place. The trio noticed some footprints, and went to look for Black. It lead them to a tree, which Black was climbing it to reach Tepig.

Cheren and Bianca were concerned, as it was too dangerous, but Juniper shushed them, since she wanted to observe the situation, and even considered forgiving Black. She did become shocked when Black's Musha went atop of its head, but Cheren and Bianca assured her it was fine. The two explained Black was only thinking of the Pokémon League, and had Musha eat those dreams to think clearly. The trio was happy to see that Black obtained Tepig and defeated its attacker, a Sewaddle. When Black was going to do his routine, Cheren and Bianca shut their ears, while Juniper was overwhelmed by his yelling to achieve his dream to conquer the Pokémon League. As Black took off, Juniper turned to Cheren and Bianca, who figured out that their Pokédexes don't work due to water damage. Juniper became concerned, as Black was the only trainer with the Pokédex.

Cheren and Bianca had a battle in Professor Juniper's living room. During the battle, Snivy's Tackle threw Oshawott into Bianca's face, making her cry and have a tantrum. She ran around, whacking him, while her Oshawott did the same to his Snivy. Professor Juniper intervened, furious what happened to her room, and Cheren quickly apologized for making a mess, trying to get Bianca to apologize, too. Juniper showed that she was trying to repair the Pokédexes, but it took more time than she had thought. Bianca proposed another battle against Cheren in the meantime, but he shut her mouth, as Juniper became angry at them again. Since Cheren and Bianca could not contact Black, since he did not have a phone, they explained to Professor Juniper about Black's past.

In the end, they stated they had to personally go to Black and tell him since he only ahd the working Pokédex, he had to take good care of it. As Bianca and Cheren went out, the latter believed Black was currently challenging a Gym, while the former was called out by someone. Bianca's father held his daughter, as he wanted her to go back home and quit the dangerous journey. Cheren believed they would have to wait a lot, while Juniper was a bit disappointed that while Black had been preparing for his journey for nine years, Bianca wasn't even ready for hers yet. When Bianca and Cheren confronted Black, Cheren explained to Black how much damage the latter had done, and Juniper had been unable to repair their Pokédex, leaving Black with the only device that was working.

Professor Juniper called Black on the Xtransciver. She reminded Black that he took off without even greeting her. Black jokingly stated that he was trying to get her attention for the past nine years outside her lab, to which Juniper yelled at him, as this was not what she had meant. She scolded Black for running off with Tepig, without the consent of the professor, ruined the Pokédexes and left a mess behind. Black was overwhelmed by her negativity, but Juniper stated it was nice for Black that he was challenging the Gyms, having evolved his Tep, solved the case of the missing Pokémon in Castelia City and filled his Pokédex with lots of data. Black stated his dream was to win the Pokémon League, and wanted to meet as many Pokémon as he could. Thus, Juniper advised him to go to Liberty Garden to encounter a Victini.

When Black did so, he reported back to Professor Juniper about what Team Plasma grunts said about Victini. She was intrigued about the events that happened 200 years ago, and went to analyze more about Victini. In the end, she thanked Black for the information, and promised to contact him later. Later, Juniper finished her analysis on Victini, and mused to herself that Black was a good trainer for collecting data. Cedric appeared, commenting that skilled trainers had to brave dangerous situations. Juniper was pleased that her father has arrived to help her repair the Pokédexes. The two were alerted of Team Plasma's plans, as they tried to catch Victini and kidnap Bianca's Pokémon at Castelia City. Cedric confirmed this, and upon looking at his Samurott, started remembering an incident that had happened a year ago.

While Cedric was with his daughter, she told him about the trainer, Black, whom she had given the Pokédex to. Bianca called Professor Juniper on her Xtransciver from Castelia City. She showed Meloetta that she and White had encountered. Seeing how Pokémon can be amazing, Bianca announced her dream of becoming Professor Juniper's assistant, much to the latter's shock. Juniper reminded her that the Pokédexes were repaired and Cedric went to give it to her, for the mission to gather data on Pokémon. Bianca stated she had a substitute: White, who was a strong trainer, and cared a lot about them.

Fennel and Professor Juniper were walking to meet up with Cedric at a mountainous area. Fennel was having trouble on the rough terrain, but Juniper urged her to continue, until they saw Cedric, along with Black and White, fighting N. Hearing about his research experiment for the Starter Pokémon, Juniper and Fennel descended down. Juniper confirmed Cedric's statement, and listened as Cedric explained that N was the man who released all of his Starter Pokémon. N, however, blamed Cedric and his daughter, for they were taking Pokémon's freedom away. Juniper denied N's words, as they were improving relationships between people and Pokémon. N denied, for his Zorua had seen that Professor Juniper got angry at her Pokémon for trashing her laboratory, having no regard over their feelings and simply shipped them away to their trainers, instead of giving them in person. N blamed her for viewing Pokémon as items, to which Professor Juniper became silent.

Cedric, Fennel, Amanita, White and Professor Juniper tended to Black, was still unconscious to witness his Musha abandoning him. As they were discussing about N, Juniper became terrified, as she didn't suspect someone was watching her from her own windows. After Black woke up and left to face Drayden, Cedric and Professor Juniper were approached by Caitlin and Marshal. Marshal told that the Gym Leaders were somewhere in Unova region, while Caitlin used her psychic powers to focus and attempt to find them. Much to their surprise, the group saw on TV as Drayden announced that Black was the 32nd participant. Realizing he defeated Drayden and obtained the last badge, the group stormed out to meet up with Black.

Amanita was observing the challengers at the Pokémon League, and wondered who would face Black in the finals. Fennel asked of her to focus, as they had a lot of research to do. Professor Juniper arrived, surprised that Fennel had scattered a lot of research papers around. Fennel explains Drayden gave the permission to use the room for research purposes, and was pleased that her research on dreams would soon be finished. She was a bit concerned about Juniper leaving the lab empty, to which Juniper replied that she left Bianca in charge, and was happy with her work. Furthermore, she mentioned that her father was investigating Team Plasma's activities, while White was doing some work with Brycen. Fennel remembered White as the president of BW Agency, while Juniper filled her in that she became a trainer with the Pokédex, after her trials in the Battle Subway, and even gained Juniper's trust, too. The researchers were shocked to see Cheren taking Black to the rooftop to continue their battle. Professor Juniper observed as Black awakened Reshiram.

Black 2 & White 2 arc

Juniper was stationed at Striaton City, where she feared other cities were frozen, too. Cedric reported Team Plasma had taken control of Kyurem, which made Juniper wonder where the Gym Leaders were. Cedric told the status Roxie, Marlon and Cheren were unknown; Bianca started to cry, and Juniper tried to comfort her, as she feared Cheren was lost, too. Fennel explained she made a progress in her research, though Juniper thought it was not time for such things. Fennel yelled at her, and explained that Black, who was sealed in the Light Stone, was still alive, hence why she sent White to find the Light Stone in Entralink.


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