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Hang on, Penelope. I'll rescue you.
~ Professor Pat Pending

Professor Pat Pending is a regular competitor in the cartoon, Wacky Races. The professor is a rival to central antagonist, Dick Dastardly and Muttley.

He is voiced by the late Don Messick, later he currently voiced by Scott Innes. In the Japanese dub, he is voiced by the late Ryūji Saikachi in the series and Masaharu Satō in the games.

The Wacky Races

Professor Pat Pending is just one of many races for the Wacky Races, a prestigious event with bizarre race tracks. Dick Dastardly, main-stay antagonist, frequently sabotages the tracks, cars, and tricks opponent. Pat Pending is often involved in getting the other racers out of these traps. Though Professor Pat Pending still aims to compete in races he dislike seeing his fellow racers completely incapacitated and stops to help them out of traps. Pat Pending's Convert-A-Car is highly adaptable, able to travel by land, water and air. The Convert-A-Car possesses many specialized gadgets which can counter even the worst of sabotage. Those given lifts on Professor Pat Pending's Convert-A-Car are just happy to cross the finish line, even if it is on someone else's cart, thus Professor Pat Pending is still seen as a friend even when he functions as a rival to the other racers.


Professor Pat Pending is an old and skinny inventor. He has curly orange hair, black eyes and a long nose and chin.

He wears a yellow coat, mustard gloves, black pants and black shoes.

In Wacky Races Forever, he has a unshaven beard and his hair is messy, and now wears a white/mustard racing shirt with a black turtleneck, yellow gloves with the number 3 written in it, black pants and black/white shoes.


Like Dick Dastardly, Professor Pat Pending in mainly concerned with winning the race. However Professor Pat Pending both has compassion for his fellow racers and contempt for Dick Dastardly and so he frequently chooses to assist his competitors when they have been removed from the race.


  • Professor Pat Pending's name is a reference to the process of waiting for a legal patent pending for a new invention.


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