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One day I hope to unearth a legendary figure from those times. In the ancient texts, he is known simply as... Khap'taan Teeowed.
~ Professor Toad

Professor Toad is one of the supporting characters and one of Mario's temporary partners during the Yellow Streamer sequence, as well as Mario's visits to the Scorching Sandpaper Desert. Since he is more comfortable in the desert, he refuses to go anywhere else should Mario leave the area. He is enthusiastic about ancient legends and has hopes of solving the mysteries in those folktales, and he tags along with Mario and Olivia, who needed him to translate the ancient texts to solve various puzzles to progress their desert adventures.


Little is known about his past. What is known is that Professor Toad became curious and passionate about ancient history, so he stays at a hotel at Snif City, (then known as Shroom City) to spend more time doing research there. He managed to find clues that are key to opening the Sun Alter in hopes that he would meet Captain T. Ode, who was frozen through time, so he would get actual answers about his time. He puts a Sun Incense on the alter to activate it, but due to Hole Punch removing the sun (and plunging the desert into darkness), it triggers a sandstorm where he was caught and eaten by a giant Paper Macho Pokey.

Mario and Olivia are having a hard time understanding the old writing, so they learned of Professor Toad from the hotel's manager, who might help them out and he gives them the Sun Incense for them to place on the Alter. Upon doing so, they too brought about the storm, leading them to a confrontation with the gigantic Paper Macho Pokey, which they defeated. This frees Professor Toad from captivity, and he accepts the offer that he will still get to do his job, as well as being a lot safer with them around after his ordeal. They managed to win the second round of the Mood Game with a shady Snif, who flees the tent, and Mario frees Luigi from the lamp, who gives them the key to Professor Toad's old room. The professor translates texts that are riddles that lead to the whereabouts of the four different shaped gems that belong to the corresponding tower. Placing these stones into their eyes causes them to face towards the spot where the Yellow Streamer ends. Professor Toad had Olivia practice singing and dancing in certain ways as part of the special ancient ritual, in order to open the way to the Fire Vellumental Cave. Professor Toad refuses to continue with them, knowing the extreme dangers. Eventually, Olivia gains a new ability where they light the torches in order for the gems to work.

With all four Towers activated, Olivia transforms into the Earth Vellumental and raises the Temple of Shrooms. Professor Toad comes along with them, despite being a bit scared as they traverse though the dark corridors of the temple and come across Faceless Toads along the way. They eventually meet the DJ, who is having trouble finding a song that the mysterious monster responsible for the Toads' current state, finds "groovy". They search for the music discs that are scattered in the depths of the temple. When they find the song that the monster likes (Thrills at Night), he still won't come out and insists that Mario has to find various dancers that will motivate him to leave his room and join them. They decided to take the boom box where they gather all forty Faceless Toads and return to the dance floor. After witnessing everyone grooving on the dance floor, Hole Punch comes out, but due to his size, he scares them off, angering Olivia and Mario. They managed to defeat him and gain access to his room, where they destroy the Yellow Streamer. Not only does it leave Mario and Olivia with two Streamers left, but it also destroys the disco ball, freeing the sun and restoring light and heat to the Scorching Sandpaper Desert.

Professor Toad suddenly remembered the Sun Alter and his mission and they head there to investigate. The sun's light and heat as well as the presence of the Sun Incense on the alter that was placed earlier caused it to open the way to the freezing underground cave where Captain T. Ode is kept. Using the Fire Vellumental's power, Olivia frees Captain T. Ode from the ice. The captain was unconscious for a while before waking up from his age-long suspended animation. Depending on which version is played, Professor Toad asks him about his preference; in most versions, he asks what he prefers to have in his coffee, which Captain T. Ode replies with cream and three sugars, which was common in his time, but the Japanese and Chinese versions has Professor Toad asking what he eats for breakfast, with the captain replying cornflakes. This leaves the professor satisfied with the mysteries finally being solved. After the captain leaves to reunite with the Super Marino, Professor Toad thanks Mario and Olivia for helping him out, as they part ways (since the professor would rather stay in the desert), while Mario and Olivia tackle the remaining Streamers in order to reach Peach's Castle atop of a volcano, and stop King Olly from folding the world to his whim.

Professor Toad is seen again during the ending sequence enjoying himself at the Origami Festival with everyone in the area.


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