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Project Zanac is the creation of protective force found to defend Earth against System, a complex military network of AI forces bent on purging humanity.




AFX-6502 Zanac is the main character controlled by a single player of the 1986 vertical side-scrolling shoot 'em up video game title after its nickname. It is the most advanced spaceship that flies through various planets, space stations and galaxies and through a galactic fleet of enemies comprising the defenses of the title's main villain known as the "System", a device created by unidentified alien race that looks like Pandora's Box and contains boundless wisdom and knowledge as well as destructive potential.

When the System's defenses are designed only for destroying and overcoming the entire space fleets around the galactic system, humankind hopes that a lone spacecraft, commonly referred to as AFX-6502 Zanac, may be the only one to slip and infiltrate them, allowing such a ship to fight its way into the core of the System and take it down. Its space flight is prepared on a mission to fight its way through the System's core and desperately shut it off.

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All-Range WeaponThis ball-shaped weapon fires in the direction of Zanac's movement. When not controlled it will shoot forward. Has unlimited ammo. Automatically reverted to this weapon when other weapons are exhausted or a Zanac is lost.
Straight CrusherShoots circular energy ball(s) slowly forward. Can destroy enemy bullets. Maximum upgrade changes balls to a big ring. Has finite number of usage.
Field ShutterCreates a shield in front of the ship which protects Zanac. But cannot hit ground enemies When fully upgraded the shield will develop into a full circle and protect Zanac from attacks from all directions. Has finite number of usages that diminishes each time Zanac is hit.
CircularGenerates a energy ball which rotates around the ship to protect Zanac from enemy shots and attacks. Has better defense radii than Weapon 3. Creates more balls at upgrading. It cannot destroy ground enemies and is ineffective against larger enemies. Has time limit of 250 seconds which can only be refilled by obtaining more of Weapon 3 icons.
VibratorShoots a energy ball which travels a certain distance forward and stops while shaking left and right. This weapon is more effective against terrestrial enemies. Has finite number of usage and can withstand up to sixty enemy attacks.
RewinderShoots very slow but destructive energy ball(s) forward like Weapon 1. But unlike Weapon 1 this weapon follows Zanac's movements while being launched and boomerangs back at Zanac. This weapon can also hit ground targets and enemy bullets. Also in addition, at higher upgrade levels Weapon 5 evolves into shooting a powerful piercing laser that destroys enemy bullets, compensating Zanac's vulnerable front.
Plasma FlashShoots a light ball which hits all enemy shots and aerial enemies on the screen upon contact, working like a smart bomb. It is ineffective against ground foes and larger enemies. Has finite number of usage.
High SpeedShoots a continuous beam which arcs left and right as Zanac moves sideways. Can hit any targets and enemy bullets. Only can be activated for 200 seconds which can only be refilled by obtaining more of Weapon 7 icons. But only when continuously used does the time decreases.


Zanac (NES/MSX/MSX2)

Zanac x Zanac

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