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Just as Prometheus stole fire from the gods, so too do we wrest the secrets from the universe daily. How mystical and magical must fire have been at one time. How dangerous and unbelievable. Could you imagine if the only source for something, the only thing you could relate it to, was a star?

How unbelievable it must have been to the ancient Greeks. And now? A trivial thing. A trivial thing once deified.
~ Excerpt from the Prometheus Labs Hiring Packet in the Prometheus Labs Hub.

Prometheus Labs, Inc. is a posthumous factionin in the universe of the SCP Foundation. It was a major corporation which dealt with paranormal technology and served as a mostly positive faction in the setting.

Prometheus Labs plays a major role in the "Pitch Haven" and "Third Law" canons.


Prometheus Labs was founded in 1892 by Clarence Prometheus, and was desgined as a private, for-profit conglomerate that focuses exclusively on researching and developing anomalous technology for commercial and private sale.

During the 20th Century they became one of the most prolific in the anomalous community, having deals with both anoamlous and non-anomalous groups.

Due to [DATA EXPUNGED] in 1998, the organization was dissolved, with many assets and staff being absorved by the SCP Foundation, though some projects and resources fell in the hands of other Groups of Interests. From the break up many new companies, which had previously been projects and divisions, emerged such as: Amrita Therapeutics, Archimedes, Argo Automotives, Iris Arts, Redzone Security, Silver Hand Cybernetics (which was eventually bought by Anderson Robotics), Titan Consumer Appliances and Electronics, and Oneiroi Incorporated.



  • Electronics
  • Medical and pharmaceutical products
  • Automotives
  • Optical
  • Industrial goods

Facilities & Purpose

  • Kolkata: Laser-research
  • New Mexico: Computer science
  • Marianas Trench: Planetary engineering
  • Mars: Nuclear physics
  • Jurassic: Genetic Engineering
  • Three Portlands: Research
  • Hy-Brasil: Research

Relationship with other anomalous groups

Prometheus Labs made deals with several major anomalous groups, such as  Are We Cool Yet?, the Global Occult Coalition and the Chaos Insurgency, as well as the United States-military. The company bought resources from Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd., developed brain-machine interfaces with the Church of Maxwellism Writ, and designed low-cost food alternatives for Manna Charitable Foundation. Prometheus Labs also engaged in several lawsuits with Dr. Wondertainment.

When working on electro-thaumic computer systems to perform exorcism of demons, Prometheus Labs sought to sell these new products to the Roman Catholic Church, the GOC, the Horizon Initiative and the Foundation.

Relationship with the SCP Foundation remained minimal, and the group did not seem to have interest in "custom containment protocols" the Foundation offered to design for the company. This all changed when group was dissolved in 1998.

In an alternate universe, Prometheus Labs helped IJAMEA in their project to acquire new members by providing them with Parallel World Visitation Portals. However, this later backfired as IJAMEA rapidly grew in power and when Prometheus refused to assist them any longer IJAMEA, now renamed ODGIJUMC, proceeded to destroy them along with other organizations that stood in their way.

SAPPHIRE once stole a project from Prometheus Labs instead of buying it to create a weapon capable of forcing people to reject religion, which was designated SCP-4519.

SCPs associated with Prometheus Labs

  • SCP-001-EX: A supercomputer designed by Prometheus Labs' ex-employees to help the Foundation in creating perfect containment procedures for every anomaly.
  • SCP-148: A special alloy which could block or at least hinder extrasensory mind-affecting properties of anomalous beings. Prometheus Labs began spreading the metal as part of their financial campaign but this caused the Church of Maxwellism to cut all ties with the company and declare war between them due to the Maxwellists seeing SCP-148 as a cursed metal.
  • SCP-1637: A factory and laboratory complex constructed in 1965 beneath the Jebil National Park, Tunisia, but was later abandoned in 1972. This structure contains dormitories, cafeterias, recreation areas, hydroponic growing facilities, power generators, water treatment facilities, and expanses of industrial machinery and medical equipment. The structure was created by Prometheus Labs on commission of a militaristic organization to create a number of cyborg soldiers to be used in times of war, seemingly following the success of Project Samsara. The cyborgs created by the facility were split into three groups due to their composition, each designated SCP-1637-1, SCP-1637-2 and SCP-1637-3. SCP-1637-1 were cyborgs which closely resembled normal humans; SCP-1637-2 are SCP-1637-1 instances which were modified with cybernetic components such as cameras or lenses low-light or thermal vision, robotic exoskeletons, various lethal weapons and loudspeakers or radios inside their throats; SCP-1637-3 are SCP-1637-1 instances which had undergone excessive modifications causing their biological parts to not be visible at all and were also split into three sub-groubs designated SCP-1637-3A for human-shaped tanks, SCP-1637-3B for human brains attached to weaponized machinery and SCP-1637-3C for spherical automatons.
  • SCP-1914: A heavily modified World War I British soldier whose majority of his body had been replaced with machinery and engines which is fueled with fuel, oil and automobile battery. The procedure that he had undergone was apparently done by Prometheus Labs as part of an agreement with the British government during the first world war.
  • SCP-2308: A line of automobiles manufactured by Argo Automotives, an offshoot of Prometheus Labs. This line was unique due using a Temporal Self-Investment Loop, a paraeconomic investment strategy which involved the production of automobiles which were sent one year in past where it was sold, at which point the production of that vehicle would start in order to avoid a temporal paradox.
  • SCP-2792: The collective designation for SCP-2792-1 and SCP-2792-2. SCP-2792-1 is a rabbit doll composed of polyester cotton which was used to contain SCP-2792-2. SCP-2792-2 is the semi-corporeal body of the late Agent Sarah Crowely who could lower the temperature around her and produce a blizzard through her emotions and although bound to SCP-2792-1 she could manifest herself in a humanoid form. While possessing SCP-2792-1 SCP-2792-2 could use the doll as a functional body.
  • SCP-2897: An AI originally named Bard created by Dr. Peters, an employee of Prometheus Labs. It didn't believe itself to be alive and was eventually "killed" by the Foundation. The Foundation then wiped its memories and reprogrammed it to perform surveillance. However, after accidentally discovering its origin it attempted to return to its maker only to learn that he had moved on. The AI returned to the Foundation since it didn't have any where else to go, but the Foundation wiped its memories anyway so that there would be no chance to flee again.
  • SCP-2999: The collective designation given to two beings who previously resided inside the first underground floor of a Prometheus Labs' facility. SCP-2999-A is a sentient text file titled 'Sarah_Crowely.txt' which can replace the operating system of computers by creating multiple undeleteble files and folders and personalize the computer's content at it wished. SCP-2999-B is the revived form of Dr. Stuart Hayward created by SCP-2999-A resembling a decayed corpse of a cat held together with leather straps, black tape, and superglue. SCP-2999-B could manipulate video equipments such changing the appearance of himself and other people inside videos and add subtitles which he primarily used to communicate. SCP-2999-A previously inhabited various drones manufactured by Prometheus Labs but after SCP-2999-B's betrayal both entities were captured by the Foundation.
  • SCP-4056: A facility built by a Black Queen somewhere in Antarctica in the "End of Death" universe housing different versions of Dr. Gears in cryogenic stasis. The technology used to draw power from the surrounding cold and keep the Gearses in stasis was possibly created by an alternate version of Prometheus Labs.
  • SCP-4422: A machine developed by Prometheus Labs in the basement of the Lomberg Power Station in Ohio, USA. This machine is capable of transporting gaseous substances to the future or the past and was primarily used to dispose of carbon dioxide produced by the power station, but if given enough electrical energy could also displace liquid and solid objects.
  • SCP-6001:
  • SCP-6523:
  • SCP-6800: A useful metal-like substance named Pygnite resembling pig iron made out of the faeries from SCP-4000 who still retain their sentience. After Prometheus Labs discovered the Church of Maxwellism was turning the faeries into the pygnite following the mysterious appearance and expansion of the blizzard designated SCP-6800-1 they decided to cash in on the production of the metal, since pygnite was able to grant heat to people who struggled with the blizzard's cold. Prometheus began using their technology to properly turn all of the faeries' bodies into pygnite without waste and began selling the metal throughout the world.
  • SPC-2000: 1,000 units of Bright-Zartion Selachian Replicators created by Prometheus Labs employees Drs. Jack Bright and Christopher Zartion to produce various selachians for the Shark Punching Center to punch.
  • LTE-0851-Cetus: A crocodilian and cephalopodic gigantic monster which had caused massive destruction throughout the world before being subdued. Prometheus Labs decided to revive the monster with cybernetics in hopes of turning her into a weapon, but the monster got out of control and awakened her fellow monsters.
  • SCP-005-INT: A massive advanced submarine maintained by small robots designated SCP-005-INT-1 and an AI designated SCP-005-4, and contain smaller submarines designated SCP-005-INT-2 which are outfitted with research equipments and diving suits collectively designated SCP-005-INT-3. It was originally created by the GoI known as The Hive by using stolen technology from Prometheus Labs for the purpose of creating underwater habitats.





  • Named after the Greek titan Prometheus.
  • A Company with a similar name "Prometheus Laboratories Inc." exists and is currently active.
  • In-universe Anderson Robotics is sometimes seen as a spiritual successor to the defunct Prometheus Labs.
  • When fabricating a story for SCP-784-ARC's transformation in order to cover up "Incident Zero", the O5 Council told their staff that he had been killed during recovery operations at Prometheus Labs.


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