Prometheus Labs, Inc. was a major corporation in the universe of the SCP Foundation, who serve as a mostly positive faction in the setting.


Prometheus Labs was founded in 1892 by Clarence Prometheus, and was desgined as a private, for-profit conglomerate that focuses exclusively on researching and developing anomalous technology for commercial and private sale.

During the 20th Century they became one of the most prolific in the anomalous community, having deals with both anoamlous and non-anomalous groups.

Due to [DATA EXPUNGED] in 1998, the organization was dissolved, with many assets and staff being absorved by the SCP Foundation, though some projects and resources fell in the hands of other Groups of Interests.

Relationship with other anomalous groups

Prometheus Labs made deals with several major anomalous groups, such as  Are We Cool Yet?, the Global Occult Coalition and the Chaos Insurgency, as well as the United States-military. The company bought resources from Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd., developed brain-machine interfaces with the Church of Maxwellist Writ, and designed low-cost food alternatives for Manna Charitable Foundation. Prometheus labs also engaged in several lawsuits with Dr. Wondertainment.

Relationship with the SCP Foundation remained minimal, and the group did not seem to have interest in "custom containment protocols" the Foundation offered to desgin for the company. This all changed when group was dissolved in 1998.


  • Electronics
  • Medical and pharmaceutical products
  • Automotives
  • Optical
  • Industrial goods

Facilities & Purpose

  • Kolkata: Laser-research
  • New Mexico: Computer science
  • Marianas Trench: Planetary engineering
  • Mars: Nuclear physics
  • Jurassic: Genetic Engineering





  • Named after the Greek titan Prometheus.
  • A Company with a similar name "Prometheus Laboratories Inc." exists and is currently active


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