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Whoo! Shit just got real! Get it? It's real shit! Boy, I pilled this joke out of my ass. What? Does this bit stink? Too corny?
~ Prop Cop

Prop Cop is a minor hero from the Netflix original series, Paradise P.D. He is a failed prop comic and current cop-in-training, who worked at Diamond City Police Academy. He, HandiCop, and The Siamese Twin Cops made up Kevin Crawford's task force.

Heroic Acts

  • In "Police Academy", Prop Cop trained at the Diamond City Police Academy and worked on becoming a cop. Prop Cop was a nice friend to Randall but Randall made it clear that he hated him. During training, Prop Cop handled a faux hostage negotiation by telling stupid jokes to the pretend criminal as a horrible way of convincing him to let his hostage go. However, this obviously failed. Despite flunking out of police academy, Randall still let Prop Cop and the other failure cops join Paradise P.D. as part of Kevin's task force.
  • In "Task Force", Prop Cop trapped an argyle meth distributor in a case. Prop Cop and the rest of the task force also helped Kevin and Fitz infiltrate the circus by pretending to be circus freaks. Prop Cop pretended to be a lion tamer but Fitz switched out his plastic steak with a real one to make him die. At first, it seemed like this was on accident but in a flashback from "Christmas in Paradise", it was revealed that Fitz did this on purpose to kill him, thus ending the short, occasionally hilarious, and unsatisfyingly tragic legacy of Prop Cop.