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Protagonist is the Hero of the Glory of Hercules. Fishing Net.


The shipwrecked on the coast of Crete in the state of memory loss. It had somehow become the body of immortality. It does not speak basically except during combat. With the soul of the Daedalus is Kurashisu and Heracles in the underworld, to the committed doll placed beside when it tried to revive his son, to confess that he son of the soul and who has entered the Hercules of the soul. However, the confession resurrected son has become also take representation and false order to ensure that not subject to the judgment of God. Which is the player as soon as you see the truth (however, a strong pattern between perspective is a user that the son himself because it has the memory of his son).

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, he appears as a advanced primary shield-type spirit.