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I can still fight...
~ The Protagonist

The Protagonist, otherwise known as The Player or The Keyblade Wielder, is the main protagonist of Kingdom Hearts χ/Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]. Their name, gender, appearance, and Union affiliation are customizable by the player.

The Protagonist is a Keyblade wielder learning under the Foretellers, and an instrumental part in the Keyblade War.


The Protagonist is a Keyblade warrior, serving their respective Union in defeating Darkness and collecting Lux. The Protagonist is tasked by their Dream Eater companion Chirithy to visit illusions of future worlds to carry out their missions. Despite all being on the same side of Light, tensions begin to rise between the Unions as disagreements and even violence breaks out.

The Master of Masters tells the Foreteller Ava about an upcoming Keyblade War, which the Book of Prophecies claims will envelop the world in Darkness and bring about the end of thousands of Keyblade wielders. Ava is tasked with recruiting wielders to join a new Union, called the Dandelions, who will be designated as the only Union to survive the Keyblade War.

The Protagonist befriends a wielder from a rival Union named Ephemer, and the two plan to explore the Foreteller's forbidden tower in the center of Daybreak Town. However, Ephemer disappears, and the Protagonist meets another member of Ephemer's Union, Skuld, who is investigating his disappearance. The two team up and infiltrate the tower, and are confronted by Ava. After a brief duel, Ava sees them as worthy recruits and offers them positions in the Dandelions. Skuld accepts, but the Protagonist is not sure. As time passes, the Union leaders prepare for war.

Hoping to stop the Keyblade War, the Protagonist, Skuld, and Chirithy find Foreteller Gula and try and track down the Master of Masters. However, they come across a secret sixth Foreteller named Luxu. Believing him a traitor, Ava attacks him and begins the Keyblade War. The Unions turn on each other, and the Protagonist is forced to fight back all of the Foretellers until the end of the battle, where the Protagonist is the only survivor. As they collapse and prepare to die, Skuld and Ephemer arrive and save them.

The Protagonist wakes back in Daybreak Town, with Chirithy telling them that the Keyblade War was just a dream. In actuality, they have been transferred to a datascape and live in a virtual reality, left none the wiser. However, after an external Datascape is forcibly connected to the Daybreak Town one, the Protagonist helps the Union Leaders of the Dandelions fight back the malicious glitches, and is made aware of their existence in a Datascape when they exit into a video game-themed world.

The Protagonist helps battle against the Darklings, Heartless, and Cy-Bugs attacking the world, and then return to the virtual Daybreak Town to find the Darkness, the personification of all Dark and evil, battling the Dandelions. The Protagonist helps fight it off, then learns that a limited number of them can return to the real world via pods. The Protagonist volunteers to stay behind in the collapsing dataspace and lets the others leave.

When the multiple forms of the Darkness return, the Protagonist pretends to become possessed, fighting Skuld and Ephemer to trick the latter into opening a gate that they bring the Darkness into. The gate leads to a sealed section of the dataspace, where the Protagonist reveals that they tricked the Darkness into locking itself within the collapsing dataspace so Skuld and Ephemer could escape. The dataspace collapses, destroying part of the Darkness and the Protagonist as well.

The Protagonist wakes with Chirithy, and sees the Hearts and Chirithys of fellow fallen Keyblade Wielders merge to become Spirit Dream Eaters, set on protecting the dreams of Keyblade Wielders of the future. The Protagonist holds Chirithy, and chooses to have their heart join with a new one: Xehanort's.


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