Proud Heart Cat is a cat Care Bear Cousin who has made sporadic appearances throughout the original Care Bears television and movie series. She is voiced by Stevie Vallance (who later voiced Share Bear in the franchise) in the DiC series, and Ellen Ray Hennessey in the Nelvana series.


Proud Heart's original design in 1985 showed an orange-tan body with peach muzzle and inner ears; merchandise such as a UK-only stuffed animal had a very light yellowish-orange body with a white muzzle, inner ears, paw-hearts & palms.

In the 2002 revamp, Proud Heart had a turquoise body, white on all four paws, muzzle, tail-tip and inner ears, plus a pink nose.


During the original DIC animated series, Proud Heart would usually end her sentences with a typical cat sound such as a purr or screech, while in the follow-up Care Bears Family series, she tended to to enunciate her "er" sounds. A staunch "purrfectionist" by nature, she is characterized as being single-minded and practically obsessed with order and cleanliness, especially in her garden, which often puts her at odds with Playful Heart Monkey. Her credo is to remind everyone to do their best in everything.


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