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Prunce is one of the main mascots for Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure. He is an alien from PuruPuru who once served the Star Princesses in the Star Palace.

He is voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino.



Prunce is a small octopoid like alien who is light blue in color. He has two antennas that have a yellow star on each tip.


Prunce seems to be very cautious, as he used to feel afraid of being discovered on Earth along with him and Lala. He was also uncertain with unfamiliar surroundings on Earth, such as dogs, thus he tended to examine ordinary items and objects like donuts. However, as the series progresses, he gradually warms up to his friends and earthly surroundings.

In spite of his cautiousness and seriousness, Prunce can be relatively emotional over trivial matters in an exaggerated manner, such as when he gladly cried over Hikaru and Lala amending their differences in episode 3 or when he horrifiedly spat out flames from his mouth after eating a Jalapeno in episode 14.

He is also a huge fan of the space idol, Mao and collects her merchandise like any typical avid fanboy.


Fuwa - Prunce is close friends with her and also highly protective of her as a brother figure.

Lala Hagoromo -

Yuni - Prunce detests her phantom thief alias Blue Cat yet he was oblivious that Mao was also one of her personas. Upon realising the truth, he became downcast. Nonetheless, he has seemingly recovered from his despondency fairly quickly. He also teased Yuni after she first boarded the rocket and joined the other Cures. 



He used to serve the Star Princesses before they were attacked by the Notraiders. After escaping with Fuwa by hanging onto a truck on a different planet, he heard a song of Mao's which inspired him to keep going. Sometime later, he and Fuwa encountered Lala, and they journeyed with her in space until they crash landed on Earth, with Prunce serving as her translator.


  • His special skill is to deform and inflate himself freely, thanks to his elasticity.
  • He can speak in human tongue fluently.


  • Episode 14 reveals that he is extremely sensitive to spice, since he burst out flames in horror when he takes in a chilli.



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