KR Strike - Pryce
Pryce is the original Ventaran Kamen Rider Strike. He was rescued by Master Eubulon from the Advent Void. Similar to James Trademore, his mirror twin, Pryce is very charismatic and friendly. But as JTC has more of a snake-like personality, using that charisma for his own goals, Pryce is a lot more trustworthy and trusting, as well as being a lot more open. Due to the actions of JTC, Maya Young does not trust Pryce very much, with Pryce stating that she was giving off an odd energy, until the final battle when Pryce saves Maya and Tent for a Mirror Monster. Shortly after his rescue, he is ordered to deploy to South America with Len and Chance to upload a virus to Xaviax's transmitters. There they are confronted by Xaviax's Sheerghosts and soon saved by the new Kamen Rider Onyx, who is revealed to be Kit Taylor.

Chance and Pryce, after listening to Kit's history with the Onyx deck, explain that the nightmares are caused by the Advent Beast's rage trying to impose its will on the riders.Later he goes with Eubulon and Hunt to locate a transmitter retreating when Hunt gets injured. He returns with Len and Chance to locate it once again, this time successful. During the mission, he talks about how Adam, while he understands that Adam is truly sorry for his actions, he notices that Adam might still be hiding something important as if he's not telling the whole truth. His hunch was soon correct as he discovered that Adam had given a virus to Xaviax who decoded it. He later set that factor aside as he goes off to fight Xaviax and finish off his army. He later joins the other Kamen Riders to finish off Xaviax with their Link Vents and destroys him.

In between that time, he manages to find out from Maya that she's having trouble with him because of his Earth counterpart JTC. He reassures her that he and JTC, while they look alike, are not the same person. Maya realizes this, and during the Epilogue, they begin dating each other.

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