I am a very important creature.
~ Pterano

Pterano is the former secondary antagonist turned supporting protagonist of The Land Before Time Vll: The Stone of Cold Fire. He is the brother of Petrie's Mother, the uncle of Petrie and his siblings and Rinkus and Sierra's former boss.

He is voiced by Michael York.

In the TV show, Pterano was mentioned a few times. There was a rumour that Pterano was going to appear again in The Land Before Time XII: The Great Day of the Flyers, but he did not appear in that film.


At first, Pterano was shown to be self-absorbed and somewhat arrogant, but he is less aggressive and cruel than Rinkus and Sierra.

Despite being his actions, Pterano is more of an anti-hero rather than truly evil. He does good things such as saving Ducky from falling off a cliff, scolding his former henchmen, Rinkus and Sierra for being mean, violent and aggressive, feeling sorry for Ducky when she was lost and he also doesn't tolerate violence. In fact, he even reformed towards the end.

Heroic Acts

  • It was implied that he does not tolerate violence.
  • He scolds Rinkus and Sierra for being mean and aggressive.
  • He tells Sierra to let Ducky go, stopping him from harming her.
  • He saves Ducky from falling off a cliff.


  • Despite being Rinkus and Sierra's boss, Pterano is an anti-hero as he does good things despite doing bad things whereas Rinkus and Sierra were always villainous and they never did anything good. In fact, Pterano reformed while Rinkus and Sierra didn't reform so that means Rinkus and Sierra are worse than Pterano.
  • In the tenth Land Before Time film, there was a pterosaur who resembles Pterano.
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