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Pucca (Korean:뿌까, ppukka) is the main female protagonist and the titular character of the series of the same name. She is a 10-year-old South Korean-Chinese girl who loves Garu and is hopelessly in love with him, constantly trying to steal kisses, much to Garu's annoyance.

Despite that she is mute in the series, she was voiced by Tabitha St. Germain in the English version, and by Ikue Ohtani in the Japanese dub.


Though she is typically sweet-natured, Pucca can be so very extremely aggressive and temperamental when she does not get what she wants. Pucca chooses not to speak, instead communicating with giggling, laughing, and growling sounds (however, in the episode "And the Band Played Rong," Ching mentions that she has a pretty singing voice). Furthermore, in the episode "Ninjitsu for Dummies", it shows Pucca and Ching cheering for Abyo, giving a good look at what Pucca's voice really sounds like.


Pucca, throughout the series, usually wears a long-sleeved shirt with the bottom shaped into a skirt, black pants, and shoes. She has very long black hair, but usually wears it in her famous odango style.


Linguin, Uncle Dumpling, and Ho

Pucca lives with her guardians, the 3 Master Chefs at the Goh-Rong Restaurant, who are her uncles. She also delivers noodles from the restaurant on her scooter.

Abilities and Powers

Although she isn't a female ninja (kunoichi), she has demonstrated some unique abilities of her own that make up for what she lacks in training.

  • Invulnerability- As demonstrated in various episodes, Pucca is completely unaffected by things such as: many stage bags dropped above, a rhino ramming into her at full speed, explosions, etc.
  • Speed- Pucca uses her speed throughout the series, often pursuing on Garu or others (friends or villains). She also has the ability to run on water as well.
  • Immense Strength- As demonstrated in various episodes, Pucca can be able to pick up anything huge and heavy, destroy large constructs, etc.
  • Weather- Depending on Pucca's mood she can create foul weather or sunny skies.
  • Time- Can spin things to travel back in time.
  • Space-Time- Can cause rifts in space-time.


  • Pucca's birthday is revealed to be on July 7.
  • It's revealed that in her own ways, eating is no problem. In "The World`s Longest Noodle," she closes the episode by swallowing it whole.
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