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Pudding logo.png Good evening everyone, I am Pudding. Watch my report on Channel 42!
~ Pudding during the Spaceport 9 invasion.

Pudding (born September 5, 2480) is a main character and secondary antagonist in the Space Channel 5 video game series. She is the deuteragonist in Space Channel 5 and Space Channel 5 Part 2, a minor character in its latest sequel, Kinda Funky News Flash!, and a recurring and playable character in the Sega All-Stars series. She is a reporter for Channel 42 who tries to get what she wants, with her high ego. Her main goal is to become the most iconic and the most loved reporter in the galaxy.

In her teen years, Pudding was a teen idol and inspiration for younger audiences, but eventually grew out of it and became a reporter. On the side, Pudding antagonizes Ulala and tries to beat her to the major scoops.

Pudding has also appeared in the Sega Superstars franchise as a recurring and playable character, alongside Ulala and the Morolians. She appears in both Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and SEGA Superstars Tennis. Although she and Ulala are from the twenty-fifth century, the series takes place during the twenty-first.

Pudding is voice by Kae Lida in the Japanese version, and voice by Sumalee Montano in the American version. Sumalee was later replaced by Larissa Murray in Space Channel 5 Part 2. Both Larissa and Sumalee voice Pudding in SEGA Superstars Tennis, but only Sumalee voices as Pudding in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. In Sonic Transformed, Pudding also has several lines taken from Ulala, but is not credited as Apollo Smile in the game.


Past and background

Pudding is a short-tempered egomaniac whose only goal is to become a famous individual. She stands less than six feet, has blue eyes, and has green hair. Pudding also wears a pink tattoo on the left side of her chest that reads 42, which happens to be the channel she works for. She also loves blue and green colors, whether they’re dark or lightened, making her favorite color turquoise. Pudding is skilled with a guitar and loves to dance and be the best at everything. As of the events of Kinda Funky News Flash!, Pudding is twenty-two years old.

Pudding was born on September 5th, 2480 on Earth, making her zodiac sign Virgo, and her blood type is AB.

Pudding was a teen idol in her youth years, helping to inspire the younger audience, especially teenagers, She was considered an inspiration across the entire galaxy, and many admired her talent for dancing and playing the guitar.

On her sixteenth birthday, Pudding received a nose job to make it appear smaller. Additionally, she ended up getting a second nose job a few years later.

Eventually, Pudding stepped down from here teen idol years and landed a job as a Channel 42 news reporter.

Since landing a job as a news reporter, Pudding is constantly antagonizing Ulala and tries to beat her to ongoing scoops. In addition, Pudding is mainly recognized on TV for her skills a a guitarist, which helps her build up fame.

On the side, Pudding is apart, and possibly founder, of the waning fan club. The clubs intention and activities are unknown.

Because of her inspiration and popularity, Pudding has attracted many fans and much older audiences as well, one of them being the impersonator, Padding, who got several surgeries and procedures done to look just like the young teen idol. Padding pretends to be Pudding, and even goes as far as duplicating all of her belongings, including Pudding’s own clothings, awards, and even her own vehicle. Pudding dislikes this idea, and thinks it is unoriginal.

Space Channel 5

Pudding’s first encounter with Ulala.

After an attack on Spaceport 9, Pudding, along with her cameramen and her bodyguards, arrives to the scoop. Upon their arrival, Pudding encounters another reporter, Ulala, which later becomes her most hated rival. To get to the scoop before Ulala, Pudding and her have a brief dance battle. Pudding can either win or lose the battle depending on the player. If she loses, one of her bodyguards joins Ulala in her journey to find the scoop. If she wins, Pudding celebrates and runs off.

Pudding attempts to beat Ulala to the scoop.

Pudding is hypnotized by Morolians.

Later, Pudding (flying on her hovercraft, the Spacebird 42) is one of the first to arrive and hear about the secret Morolian Base. While Jaguar and Ulala fight in the asteroid field, Pudding was able to make it to the scene first, by traveling though thr secret base disguised as a asteroid. However, as a result, she was hypnotized and enslaved for a brief moment, before she is saved by Ulala. Pudding sarcastically thanks Ulala and flies off on her Spacebird 42. It is unclear whether or not Pudding made it to the scoop after Ulala. 

Pudding and the others are confronted by Blank.

Because Ulala helps Pudding from being hypnotized, Pudding later teams up with her and Jaguar to confront the chief Space Channel 5 agent and CEO, Mr. Blank. The three end up saving the Morolians (after realizing they, themselves, were also hypnotized). They end up saving Space Michael from hypnosis, along with Dibibula. 

Pudding cheers to Ulala.

At the end of the station, the three are confronted by Evila, a robot duplicate of Ulala to be seen as the galaxy‘s best reporter. They end up defeating the robot, only to find Blank has another massive machine. While defeating the new Blank, Pudding is the first to be knocked out of the battle, flying into deep space. 

Near the end, Pudding is one of the very few of Ulala’s supporters that is cheering on her battle against TV Dimension Blank. Pudding briefly says to the audience that she felt used, signifying Blank might have used her in some way to help get what he wanted. Ulala, soon after, defeats Blank, sending him off into space. Pudding, Ulala, and several others close out the report with her, and they conclude the report by marching their way down the galaxy, which is lead by Ulala, Pudding, and Jaguar.

Space Channel 5 Part 2

Pudding takes part in a guitar battle.

With Blank out of commission and the Morolian Invasion at an end, Pudding pursues her career as a reporter and lands a big as a guitarist, and sets to become a great player. Eventually, Pudding hears about the Rhythm Rogue invasion and sets to find out more, eventually finding a way to President Peace, who was recently kidnapped by the Rhythm Rogues.

At Fountain Square, Pudding interrupts Ulala’s show and introduces herself to both hers and Ulala’s audiences. She then encourages, or forces, Ulala into a guitar battle, which the fate is determined by the player. If Ulala winds the battle, Pudding will storm off-stage with her bodyguards, shouting “I quit!” If Ulala fails, Pudding will leave the stage with her bodyguards and say “that was too easy.”

Pudding dashes past the others.

Later, Pudding hears Purge over the Moro-Channel 5 news stating that President Peace is being held for ransom. Quickly, Pudding gets on her Spacebird 42 and sets out to find him before the other reporters reach her, determined to make the scoop hers.

While on their way to the handout point, Pudding dashes by Ulala and the other reporters, and taunts them with a wave, shortly before the Space Police show up and drive away all of the other reporters, excluding Ulala, who fights the police.

Not realizing that the ransom was a trap, the antennas of all news stations across the Galaxy are stolen by Purge and the Rhythm Rogues, among them the Channel 42 antenna. On the Moro-Channel 5 news, Pudding can be seen in distress.

Pine later finds a way to Purge, and sends out a radio message to all reporters and heroes in the area. Pudding receives the news, and makes her way to the hideout.

Pudding and the others save Jaguar.

Pudding shows up in the secret lair. Ulala and Space Michael notice Pudding behind them, and she explains that she and her crew heard Pine’s broadcast, and laughs. Startled by him, Pudding quickly turns around to notice Hoorg is present. The reporters continue to sneak though the lair before noticing Pine, who tells them her reading on Purge and the President points in a certain direction. Shortly after, the alarm goes off, and the reporters are caught. They quickly dance though obstacles before escaping the trap. Shortly after, they fall through a secret door and are surrounded by loads of Rhythm Rogues. Pudding and the others quickly take out their chu beams and prepare to attack. Once done, Pudding helps Ulala close out before commercial break by saying “tuned.”

Pudding confronts Purge.

After defeating them, they continue on and notice a bright white room, where Shadow immediately appears with a band of Rhythm Rogues. While the others prepare their musical instruments, Pudding pulls out her guitar, and they take part in a instrumental battle. After they defeat them, Pudding notices Shadow is Jaguar, and watches as Ulala tries to save him. After rescuing the reporter, Jaguar tells them that Purge is using the antennas for his own TV show (The Purge TV Show). Pudding and the others then take the hovercraft up to the stadium.

Pudding and the others notice Purge and the antennas. Pudding acknowledges that the antennas are used to suck of the dance energy from the audience of “fans” that were kidnapped. Purge then confesses that he will make the whole Galaxy dance, and Pudding and the others attempt to take down the Rhythm Rogues. After beating them, Pudding, Pine, Hoorg, Space Michael, and Jaguar are blocked off by an invisible wall, while Ulala is able to go on and confront Purge.

Pudding and the others defeat Purge.

Later, while Ulala’s on conscious, Pudding and Pine are the first two to help Ulala regain consciousness. Eventually, Ulala awakes, and Pudding and several of Ulala’s allies attempt to dance and stop Purge from taking over the Galaxy with his new mechanics. In the end, Pudding helps Ulala dance and sing, which helps to get rid of Purge from the Galaxy. Pudding, after saving the Galaxy, helps to lead the March to the end of the Galaxy once again.

Kinda Funky News Flash!

Pudding waves to the Channel 5 reporters.

Pudding first makes a cameo during the third report, Space Pirates Showdown, where she is seen riding her space vehicle along with 88MAN and Shinichiro Tachibana. She looks and waves at the player, then flies away with the other two reporters.

Pudding high fives Kee or Lou (dependent).

Pudding is later captured off screen by Glitter, in The Final Report Pudding appears as a hostage of Glitter along with Ulala, The Jaguars (Kell, Bello and Soon-Soon), Tachibana and 88MAN.

Pudding is finally saved by the Jaguar, and the player then join forces with them to save Ulala and defeat Glitter.

After being defeated, Pudding and the rest of the heroes celebrate by dancing.

At the end of the game, the credit sequence will eventually cut to Pudding who will fist bump the player.


Pudding is an arrogant and self centered egomaniac whose only interest is becoming the most popular and influential teen idol of her generation. Pudding, depending on her loyalty, can be an influential ally. She is very helpful in assisting her acquaintances when there is trouble. However, she will never tolerate betrayal, as she finds it hard to trust anyone. Pudding also has a high ego, which influences her choices, and often gets her caught in unwanted situations. Although she is saved on several occasions by Ulala, she cannot come to trust her, and views her as an enemy, even when they are fighting the same villain.

One of Pudding’s more corrupting factors is the fact that she’s very arrogant with a very high ego. This often comes to show when she faces off against Ulala in battles, and fails. Pudding never takes failure as an option - which is why she is always trying to beat Ulala at anything, especially reports. 

At one point, Pudding was brainwashed and controlled by Morolians in an attempt to beat other reporters to a scoop. Despite this, Ulala tried her best to save her, and, because of this, Pudding noticed Ulala’s helpful side, and returned to help her take down the mastermind behind the Morolian invasion, Chief Blank. Despite her aggressive and arrogant side, Pudding is very helpful and will help anyone who appreciates or tries to help her in any way. 

Pudding is also somewhat sensitive, as shown at the end of Space Channel 5. In the end, Pudding felt like she was being used by Ulala to get her fame, although she eventually forgot about this and ignored it. Although she might be sensitive, Pudding is very determined to get anything she wants done by any means necessary.

Sega All-Stars appearances

Sega Superstars Tennis

Pudding activates her Superstar State.

Pudding is unlocked at the Space Channel 5 Planet by winning a singles championship in Sega Superstars Tennis. Her Superstar State is “Guitar Showdown”, where she hits the ball to go in many directions at great speeds, similar to Ulala’s Superstar State. During her Superstar State cutscene, Pudding strums her guitar several times, while also changing her outfit from her original to her more recent look.

In this game, most of Pudding’s lines come from Larissa Murray’s archive voice clips, but also uses Sumalee Montano’s for mostly when Pudding hits the ball.

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

Although Pudding doesn’t make an in-game appearance in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, she is indirectly mentioned by Ulala. One of Pudding’s lines is also used by Ulala in the game.

High requests for Pudding to become a DLC character lead to her becoming a playable character in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed instead.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Pudding in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

Pudding is an unlockable character who can be bought with 50 stars in World Tour (64 stars on the 3DS). She is also one of the only two playable Space Channel 5 characters, the other being Ulala.

Pudding's vehicle is based on the green variant of the Spacebird 42, either being a replica of the vehicle or an upgraded version. As a car, it has blue wheels with yellow writing that includes the Space Channel 5 logo, as well as reading Channel 42. As a plane, it looks almost similar to its original, although Pudding is sitting inside it. As a boat, it almost looks like the plane variant, only that the bottom of the vehicle curves upwards, not downwards.

To unlock Pudding, the player must beat her sprint in Twilight Engine, only having three chances. Once beaten, if the player has the right amount of currency, will be able to purchase Pudding afterwards.

Her All-Star Move plays Guitar Showdown from Space Channel 5 Part 2, the music from her guitar causing nearby to fly off track or crash into nearby walls and obstacles, causing her opponents to slow down drastically.



  • 88MAN
  • Ambrossia DiFibula
  • Bello
  • Her Bodyguards/Henchmen
  • Brandy Smith
  • Brenda Boggs
  • Hoorg
  • Jaguar
  • Kell
  • Lily
  • Mimi
  • Morolians
  • Mr. Joely
  • Shinichiro Tachibana
  • Space Bird Mistress
  • Space Michael
  • Pine
  • Plurp
  • President Peace
  • Proonk
  • Rocka Billy
  • Soon-soon
  • Valala Petrie
  • Yaroo


  • Fuse
  • Kee
  • Lou
  • Mr. Gentle
  • Noize
  • Ulala


  • Clork (formerly)
  • Chief Balnk
  • Evila
  • Giant Evila
  • Glitter
  • Morolian Monroe
  • Morolians (formerly)
  • Padding
  • Peace Carrier
  • Plurp (formerly)
  • Proonk (formerly)
  • Purge
  • Shadow (formerly)
  • Shadow Imposters
  • Yaroo (formerly)

Attire and accessories


  • Blue headphones
  • Blue hairband
  • Blue dress
  • Blue two-piece dress
  • White boots
  • Black tulle socks
  • White gloves
  • Teal dreadlocks


  • Blue jetpack
  • White jetpack
  • Pink Spacebird 42
  • Green Spacebird 42 (current)
  • Pink Channel 42 microphone
  • Purple guitar
  • Pink and orange tennis racket


Video games

  • Space Channel 5 (first appearance)
  • Ulala's Channel J
  • Space Channel 5 Part 2
  • Space Channel 5: Ulala's Cosmic Attack
  • Sega Superstars Tennis
  • Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (mentioned)
  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
  • Puyopuyo!! Quest (cameo)
  • Project X Zone 2 (mentioned)
  • Space Channel 5: Kinda Funky News Flash!

TV shows

  • Cancelled Space Channel 5 MTV Show


  • Josie and the Pussycats (cameo)

Comic books

  • Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics (cameo)


  • Space Channel 5 Guyn Guyn Guide Book
  • Space Channel 5 Part 2: Guyn Guyn Guide Book


I could use a hand here!
~ Pudding to Ulala when she is hypnotized, Space Channel 5
I feel so...so used!
~ Pudding confronting Blank, Space Channel 5
Get your coverage from Channel 42! Good evening, everybody! It’s me, Pudding!
~ Pudding interrupts Ulala’s show, Space Channel 5 Part 2
Hurry! Help me!
~ Pudding, Space Channel 5
You’re the one who isn’t happy!
~ Pudding yells at Purge, Space Channel 5 Part 2





  • Pudding Action Figure.

    In the American version of the video games, Sumalee Montano, the voice of the original Pudding, was replaced in Part 2. However, for the Sega All-Stars franchise, they use Sumalee’s voice clips instead of Larissa’s (who voiced Pudding in Part 2).
  • Because Pudding was born early September, her zodiac sign is Virgo.
  • Pudidng’s favorite color is taupe.
  • Pudding is the third Space Channel 5 character to appear in the most Sega media, the first being Ulala and the second being the Morolians.
  • Pudding was originally going to be a pink-hearted styled reporter with the same personality and energy. However, her original appearance was too similar to Ulala’s, so the design was cut from the final product.
  • Pudding is the first boss (and rival reporter) of the Space Channel 5 series.
  • Pudding appears as a playable character in two Sega All-Stars video games, and is mentioned in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.
  • Pudding is repeatedly credited as either "Reporter Pudding" or "Rival Reporter" outside of the Space Channel 5 universe.
    • She is credited as "Reporter Pudding" in Kinda Funky News Flash!.


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