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Pulaski is a supporting protagonist from Planes Fire and Rescue.


Pulaski takes the form of a firetruck with yellow livery.


Pulaski makes his debut at the Fuelsel-Lodge alongside his partner Rake, having contained the whitewall fire, where the former gets caught up in a fight with Cad Spinner over misnaming him. The next day, Rake and Pulaski overhear Maru's warning about the fire and has four hours to evacuate, but Cad Spinner refuted these warnings.

During the unveiling, Rake stands by Pulaski who was angry at Cad Spinner who refused to evacuate the guests who soon panic at the sight of the fire coming close. As planes were making their escape, Pulaski instructs them to stay above the canyon walls and avoid the smoke to avoid getting incinerated.

When one plane cuts in-line of one plane struggling to get off the ground, Pulaski gets mad at him and is willing to allow Rake to take the plane apart if he does not get back in-line. This allows the plane to get enough energy to fly above the canyons walls and avoid the smoke.

Later Pulaski was putting out the fire when he finds himself shielding Ranger Jammer and the Secretary of the Interrior which leads to his pump being busted, leaving him unable to help the evacueees escape. Fortunately, Dusty and the firefighting team manage to extinguish the fire and dismantle the burnt wood blocking the road.

After Dusty was repaired and was given a new gearbox by Maru, Pulaski shows Jammer, the new Superintendant, to Dusty after Cad was booted from his job.


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