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Roaar, paint my stripes!
~ Juleka during her transformation into Purple Tigress.

Juleka Couffaine is one of the tetartagonists from Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. In season 4, she receives the Tiger Miraculous from Ladybug, which, when inhabited by the kwami Roaar, can transform her into Purple Tigress, a tiger-themed superhero.

She was voiced by Erin Fitzgerald for Season 1 and later currently Reba Buhr for Season 2 onwards.


Physical appearance

Juleka is a slender teenage girl with pale skin who stands at a medium height. She has brilliant red eyes with dark eyeshadow and coccyx-length black hair, with dyed moderate mulberry tips at the end and bangs covering the left side of her face. She wears a light violetish gray lipstick and her fingernails are painted light sapphire bluish gray with black nail art of intricate patterns on each one with different designs on each hand.

Civilian attire

Juleka wears a black swan-necked T-shirt with a sea green lined collar and side pockets, and black mesh sleeves. She also wears purple leggings with holes above the knees and black high top sneakers with white soles. On her hands, she has blue-violetish black fingerless lace gloves that have a diamond pattern design and end halfway up the forearm. She sometimes wears an arctic blue, royal blue, and gold wrist mirror on her right hand.

As Purple Tigress

Purple Tigress has long, dark grayish heliotrope hair with deep fuchsia highlights tied up in a high ponytail with long bangs. She wears a pale, light grayish fuchsia superhero body-jumpsuit with dark cerise tiger like stripes and brilliant crimson marks on it. She has golden eyes and has dark fuchsia and light heliotropeish gray tiger ears. She has dark grayish blue-violet lipstick on her lips, and a deep fuchsia & light magentaish gray mask.


She is a quiet and reserved member of Mme. Bustier's class. She is the mutual love interest of Rose.

Powers and abilities

As a civilian

Juleka is good at applying makeup, being chosen to be the makeup artist in the class's film.

As Purple Tigress

Purple Tigress has enhanced abilities such as speed, strength, durability and agility. Her weapon is a bolas, a whip-like weapon with three weighted, striped balls on one end. It's worn as a belt when not in use, appearing like a tiger's tail. Her power, Collision, charges her fist with powerful energy. When Purple Tigress punches something, she completely overpowers her target and sends them flying.


Season 1

In "Reflekta", she is corrupted by Hawk Moth into the titular supervillain, capable of turning people into copies of her.

Season 3

In "Reflekdoll", she gets Akumatized again and Mayura creates a Sentimonster called "Reflekdoll", a giant mech that can shoot lasers that turn its victims into copies of Reflekta.

Season 4

In "Crocoduel", Ladybug gives the Tiger Miraculous to Juleka to help defeat her parents Jagged Stone and Anarka Couffaine, who has been transformed by Hawk Moth into Guitar Villain and Captain Hardrock again. She meets Roaar, the tiger kwami, and transforms into Purple Tigress for the first time.



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