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Now ye ogre! Pray for mercy from... PUSS... in boots.
~ Puss in Boots introducing himself to Shrek and Donkey
Fear me... if you dare!
~ Puss in Boots's catchphrase
I`am Puss In Boots... and my name would become... legend!
~ Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots is the tetartagonist of the Shrek franchise and the protagonist of the spin-off franchise of the same name. He is based loosely on the fairy tale character of the same name, and is the main "other fairy tale character" in the four sequels. He was introduced in Shrek 2 and speaks with a Spanish accent.

He was voiced by Antonio Banderas and Eric Bauza in the series.


Puss in Boots

Puss is the main and titular character of the movie, which acts either as a prequel, or alternate retelling to the Shrek movies. It acts as an origin story of sorts, with the main focus being on him teaming up, albeit reluctantly, with Humpty Alexander Dumpty, an old friend he had a falling out, and a skilled thief named Kitty Softpaws, to steal some magic beans from Jack and Jill (who are a pair of adult criminals in this version) so they can reach a castle that contains valuable golden eggs. He intends to bring them back to his home town of San Ricardo to restore his lost honor since Humpty had previously tricked him into participating in a heist that made him an outlaw there.

The Adventures of Puss in Boots

The series sees Puss in Boots fight off an endless legion of invaders to protect the previously hidden city of San Lorenzo, after his actions unintentionally broke the spell that protected its legendary mystic treasure from the outside world and must also find a way to restore the protection spell that will cloak the town once more. In season six, Puss goes back in time just as he entered San Lorenzo for the first time and refuses to return this time, to his regret.

Shrek 2

Recommended to King Harold by Doris (the Ugly Stepsister and barmaid of the Poison Apple Inn) as a famous ogre assassin, Puss is payed a great deal of money by king Harold to assassinate Shrek. However, unlike his fairy tale counterpart, he does not try to trick the ogre into changing into a mouse, but instead makes a direct, frontal assault on Shrek, which works up until the feline gags on a hairball, spitting it up. Shrek and Donkey think of what to do with him as Donkey even proposes to give him the 'Bob Barker treatment', but the swashbuckling cat begs for his life. Puss claims to have taken the contract to help his poor family, consisting of a litter of siblings, a sick mother and a father who lives off the garbage (although he may have been lying so Shrek would spare his life). Ultimately, they spare his life, and Puss proposes to the ogre he owes a life debt to him, in thanks. Although there is some tension/rivalry between Puss and Donkey (who seems nervous that Puss is taking his place as "annoying talking animal" and as Shrek's best friend), the three eventually become close friends and allies.

Shrek appears to have accepted this debt, as Puss in Boots stays with him throughout the course of the film. He has also stated that he "hates Mondays". When Shrek and Donkey enter the castle to find Fiona and are being chased by the castle's knights, Puss repays his debt to Shrek by holding them off (he removes his hat, looks at the guards cutely, and then attacks them when they stop and say "aww!") After Shrek and Fiona get back together, and the king turns back to a frog, Donkey finds out he has become a dad. Due to the friendship that has developed, Puss decides to be Donkey's dronkeys' uncle.

Shrek the Third

Donkey and Puss remain in Far Far Away with Fiona and Shrek, helping the royal couple run the country in the place of the ailing king. Puss joins Shrek and Donkey on their journey to find Artie (Fiona's cousin and heir to the throne) and later encourages Shrek to be kinder to Artie to gain the teenager's trust. He also tries to advise Shrek who has just found out that Fiona is expecting a baby, on fatherhood.

When the group is magically sent back to Far Far Away by Merlin, Puss and Donkey have their bodies accidentally switched, something they were not happy about. The two swapped animals later join forces with the Far Far Away princesses and other captives of Prince Charming and help rescue Shrek. Towards the end of the movie, they confront Merlin and demand he put them in their correct bodies. He does so, although their tails seem to have been switched this time (in the next scene, this is shown to have been corrected as well). At the end of the movie, Puss helps Shrek and Fiona care for their new born ogre triplets. He has trouble with them pulling his fur and tail.

Shrek the Halls

In Shrek the Halls, Puss tells the story of Santa Claus as a smooth Spanish cat (similar to himself). He is distracted from telling the tale when he sees a glass Christmas tree ornament and begins batting at it. When he realizes what he was doing, he walks away muttering "I have shamed myself". Later, when Shrek explains that he never celebrated Christmas before and wanted it to come right, Puss tells his friend "Christmas just comes".

Shrek Forever After

Puss did appear in the final film, released theatrically in May 2010. In the alternate timeline created by Rumpelstiltskin, he is Fiona's fat and lazy house cat. However, he is also intrigued by the effect Shrek has on Fiona when he watches them interact, claiming that she is showing a spark that he had though had long died out, and quickly becomes convinced that he is her "true love". Therefore, he tries to assist him in winning her over. He also begins to bond with Donkey all over again as they help Shrek both in his plight to help him and Fiona fall in love again, as well as to end Rumpelstiltskin rein over Far Far Away, and eventually, to some degree, regains his former abilities (though he's still gluttonous enough that, unfortunately, he ends up eating Gingy at one point). Once Shrek and Fiona defeat Rumpelstiltskin and share true love's kiss just before Shrek fades away, the timeline is undone and Puss returns to his former self.


A pint-sized powerhouse, Puss is one tough, contentious, suave, charismatic, flirtatious dude. He is very much in full control of his emotions, rarely expressing fear and able to keep calm in the face of danger. For a good price, he'll hunt down and capture anybody. He is an expert thief, but has a strict moral code and refuses to rob churches and orphanages, yet happily robs from people who don't NEED their riches, or won't use them for the greater good, such as Jack and Jill. Puss is also very intelligent, strategic, and quick-witted, as well as powerful enough to battle enemies who are bigger than himself. Additionally he is sarcastic, snarky and droll. In addition to this, he has a form of hypnotic powers, employing a famous begging expression, which involves expanding his pupils, lowering his head, and holding his hat. This effect enables him to break weak-minded individuals, and exploit people under the influence of the begging face.

He only uses this power in extreme circumstances, and for the greater good. During the events of Shrek the Third, Puss' consciousness was interchanged with that of donkey, and while inhabiting Donkey's body, Puss attempted the begging look, yet it was ineffective. Puss is highly popular with the ladies, has an active sex life with multiple female cats, and is considered cute by human women, as they often pamper him, and in an alternate timeline, the ogres spoiled him, making him a pathetic, morbidly obese freeloader with no fighting or hunting skills. He couldn't even get into his boots in that timeline.


  • Combat Proficiency: Despite his small size, Puss is a capable fighter even when outnumbered against much larger opponents.
  • Master Swordsman: Puss possesses incredible skills in the use of a sword, mostly in combat.
  • Cute Nature: Puss' trademark attack is by using his cute nature, shown when he stares up at his opponents with an innocent, wide-eyed expression, softening his foes' hearts.
  • Guitar Proficiency: Puss seems to know how to play with a guitar.
  • Sharp Claws: Like all cats, Puss has razor-sharp claws which are sufficient to rend most substances. His claws can also hurt Shrek, even though the ogre's green skin is very tough and are even sharp enough to pierce glass as well.
  • Expert Thief and Hunter: Puss is known to be a master of thievery since he is extremely skilled in theft. Like all cats, Puss is also a master of hunting.



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Humpty Alexander Dumpty

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Kitty Softpaws

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Jack & Jill

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Princess Fiona

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King Harold

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Merlin the Wizard

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Farkle, Fergus and Felicia

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Fairy Tales Creatures

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  • Puss in Boots form is based on Zorro's (whom Banderas also portrayed in the The Mask of Zorro and The Legend of Zorro) fighting style, accent (Spanish) and personality. While attacking Shrek, he used his sword to scratch up a P, a parody of Zorro's trademark move. In Shrek the Third, Donkey, while in Puss' body, scratches a D instead.
  • Robert Patrick, Harrison Ford, Sylvester Stallone, David Krumholtz, Dennis Quaid, and Todd Stashwick were considered for the role of Puss in Boots.


Puss in Boots makes a silent cameo in the Shrek the Musical song, "Travel Song" as Donkey says "Hey look, a cat that's wearing boots, that's crazy!". Puss tips his hat to Shrek and Donkey and walks off. He is one of the many puppets seen in the song, along with a bunny Shrek scares away and some African-style animals that parody the opening number of "The Lion King".

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