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Quake Woman is a female Robot Master that appears exclusively in the Mega Man comics published by Archie Comics. She also goes by her original project name "Tempo".


Quake Woman first appears in Mega Man #13 in the first chapter of the four-part story Spiritus Ex Machina. She accompanies her creator Dr. Noele Lelinde to the Advanced Robotics Trade Show where she meets Dr. Thomas Light and his two robot "children" Rock and Roll. The Lights are somewhat put off by Tempo's lack of personality, Thomas in particular. Tempo was programmed to express emotions when she was first created, but Dr. Lelinde had removed those feelings from her programming following an accident that left the doctor feeling emotionally damaged.

When the A.R.T.S. expo was disrupted by anti-robot extremists the Emerald Spears, Tempo - as Quake Woman - assisted Mega Man, Rush, Elec Man and Pharoah Man in helping humans get to safety and locating and disarming the bombs that the Spears had planted throughout the expo center. The robots failed to stop one bomb in time and the explosion caved in the lecture hall, trapping Doctors Light, Lelinde and Cossack. Quake Woman uses her Quake Drill ability to try and shift the rubble and lets Mega Man borrow her power so he can do the same. The robots manage to rescue their creators and Dr. Lelinde, who had earlier argued against granting robots sentience, realised that she still feared for the safety of her girl Tempo whether she had feelings or not, and decided she would restore Tempo's emotions.

When Quake Woman next appears in Issue #19, she joins Roll and Kalinka Cossack for a trip to the beach. She has since had her feelings restored, revealing that she has a quiet and reserved personality. When a freak thunderstorm kicks up, a cruise ship runs aground and Quake Woman, Roll and Kalinka try to help the passengers. Quake Woman tries to unjam a life-raft when the ship suddenly creaks and she falls overboard. She is rescued by the timely arrival of Splash Woman, but following this experience it becomes clear that Tempo is claustrophobic and/or taphophobic.


  • Quake Drill - Being designed for geological surveys, Quake Woman is outfitted with a drill for burrowing into underground places and destabilizing rock formations.


Currently unknown.


  • Quake Woman's serial number is LMN-001. LMN stands for "Lelinde Model Number".


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