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The Quantum Masks are characters in the Crash Bandicoot series who were first introduced in the video game Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. They are powerful sentient masks that presumably maintain the boundaries between dimensions within the multiverse.


Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time

Once Uka Uka tore a hole in reality to escape the past, Aku Aku sensed a great power had awaken and alerted Crash Bandicoot that they must go to N. Sanity Peak quickly. Crash fought his way through many spirits erupting from the peak until he discovered Lani-Loli sleeping on a pedestal inside an ancient cave. He awoke the mask before they were chased out of the peak by a giant guardian spirit and soon came across a shimmering interdimensional portal. Lani-Loli informed Crash and his sister Coco that the portal was a Quantum Rift and it had to be closed before any evil-doers exploit it and cause a monumental disaster. However, as multiple Quantum Rifts have already opened throughout the multiverse, Lani-Loli needed the help of the other Quantum Masks to close them all.

The heroes first stop was to find 'Akano at The Hazardous Wastes, but learn upon arrival that he had been captured by Dr. N. Gin and held inside the villain's Weapon of Mass Percussion. Although Crash and Coco managed to destroy the weapon and dislodged 'Akano from it, the mask took a tumble down the structure, bounced off N. Gin's head and through another Quantum Rift which lead to Salty Wharf. Luckily they find 'Akano had landed safely within the dimension, much to the relief of Lani-Loli who felt slightly less anxious around him.

'Akano accompanied the heroes as they continued their search for the remaining two Quantum Masks. They managed to find Kupuna-Wa in Mosquito Marsh and later Ika-Ika in the Eggipus Dimension before the group learnt that they needed to shut down Dr. N. Tropy's Rift Generator before any rifts can be closed. The Quantum Masks assisted Crash and Coco in defeating N. Tropy and his female counterpart in Bermugula's Orbit then used their powers to close every Quantum Rift in the multiverse. With the potential crisis averted, Kupuna-Wa told the heroes and their allies Tawna, Dingodile, and Dr. Neo Cortex that the Quantum Masks will be able to take them back to their home dimensions after some rest. In the meantime, the masks managed to send the group to Neon City in the Sn@xx Dimension to explore and get a bite to eat.

Unfortunately Cortex betrayed the heroes by kidnapping Kupuna-Wa and using her power to travel back through time to change history. Crash and Coco eventually track him down but the doctor restrained the Quantum Masks and used their powers against the bandicoots. However the masks were freed during the battle and punish Cortex upon his defeat by sending him to The End of the Universe. The Quantum Masks are last seen watching the bandicoots play video games back on N. Sanity Island.



Lani-Loli is the Quantum Mask of Phase as well as the tritagonist of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. With him, Crash and Coco can phase various objects, crates and obstacles in and out of existence. Objects that can be affected appear with ghostly blue wisps floating around them. Objects that are already phased out can be identified by an intangible blue replica in its place.


'Akano, also spelt without the apostrophe, is the Quantum Mask of Dark Matter. Using his power, Crash and Coco can spin violently after a jump to hover in the air and glide from platform to another. This spin can also be used to break the otherwise-sturdy Locked Crates and knock back certain colored projectiles. The spin lasts until the power is turned off again. While spinning, Crash and Coco move automatically, making the player have very little control while moving.


Kupuna-Wa, also spelt Kapuna-Wa, is the Quantum Mask of Time. With her, Crash and Coco can slow down time, which makes it easier to jump across fast-moving platforms and avoid fast enemies.


Ika-Ika, also spelt Ika Ika, is the Quantum Mask of Gravity. Using his power, Crash and Coco can flip the direction of gravity to walk on the ceiling to solve puzzles and avoid hazards.



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