Quarren was a male Kyrian hero featured on the Star Trek: Voyager episode Living Witness.

He was portrayed by Henry Woronicz.

In the latter half of the 31st century, Quarren was the curator of the Kyrian Museum of Heritage. Many of the museum displays dealt with The Voyager Encounter - the visit of the USS Voyager to the planet the Kyrians and Vaskans shared 700 years earlier, and the devastating war that was sparked after Voyager left the area. Quarren assembled a holographic program for the museum that showed a war like Voyager commanded by an evil Kathryn Janeway attacked the Kyrians and helped the Vaskans defeat them in battle.

Quarren later discovered the backup copy of Voyager's Doctor and was able to restart the program. He showed the Doctor the recreation, which rightfully angered the Doctor. The Doctor convinced him to present a more historically accurate representation of The Voyager Encounter. At first neither the Kyrians or Vaskan representatives were convinced, but the Doctor showed a tricorder he was using at the time showed that the Kyrian Tedran was killed by a Vaskan weapon, not a Federation phaser.

Soon the museum was attacked by a mob who felt they were being lied to about the war. By then believing the Doctor Quarren wanted to search for the tricorder in the wreckage of the museum. The Doctor felt he was harming both societies by continuing his quest to exonerate Voyager, but Quarren felt the tension had been building for some time and his findings were just a convenient excuse to start a conflict. Quarren convinced the Doctor to help him search for the tricorder and the evidence it contained that Voyager had not attacked the Kyrians at the beginning of the conflict.

The pair was able to locate the tricorder and extracted the evidence that exonerated Voyager. The two races began to put their many years of hostility behind them. Quarren died a few years later, but lived long enough to see a new era of peace finally begin between his people and the Vaskans.

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