The Queen Ant is a very minor, but a very respected character thought the film, The Ant Bully. She is voiced by Meryl Streep and she is the queen of all ants in the ant colony on Lucas' property.


The Queen is a very elegant, beautiful ant. She has a beautifully mystical speaking voice. She is almost angelic to the lower class ants in her colony. When Zoc brought The Destroyer to her and her parliament-like colony officials, she sentenced him fairly and showed that she was willing to give Lucas a second chance. She is very forgiving and has a kind personality, which results in her being the most adored female ant in her colony. She also considers ants lower than her (status-wise) to be her children. After the Exterminator is defeated, The Queen rewards Lucas to go back home and she gives him the name, Rokai the ant.


The Queen is unlike any ant in her colony. She has glowing, green eyes and a beautiful, almost-angelic look. She is notibily much larger than her ant children, but is still extremely beautiful. She also has a beautiful smile.


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