Queen Danielle

Queen Danielle is one of the supporting characters in Barbie as The Island Princess. She is the queen of Apollonia, and she rules it with her husband, King Peter. She has a pet monkey named Tallulah.

She is voiced by Patricia Drake.


It's harder to judge and be more caring than her husband, King Peter and Queen Danielle, not to despise the girl like King Peter, not only because of her extraordinary talent, but also because the Queen is not sure how to treat her, but she still Can't judge her quickly.

When Antonio married Princess Luciana instead of the girl he fell in love with (Ro), and although she didn't like it when Peter despised Ro, she still liked her husband.

When Tallulah became ill, she didn't like Ro because she thought she spread a sleepy disease (she didn't). She also seems to be unsure of the marriage between Antonio and Luciana and is trying to treat him well. At the end of the movie, she was the first to allow Antonio to collaborate with Ro, which meant she was very concerned about Antonio's happiness.


  • Queen Danielle appears in the movie Barbie & The Diamond Castle as a lady that had got upset by Ian, and threw water on his twin Jeremy.


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