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Queen Delightful Promo

Queen Delightful is the current ruler of Jollywood in The 7D. She is almost always seen with her pet dog and companion Sir Yipsalot. Whenever there's trouble in the kingdom Queen Delightful summons The 7D via the Bing-Bong Bell, much to the chagrin of her uptight assistant Lord Starchbottom. She also faces trouble from Hildy and Grim Gloom, an evil couple who wants to overthrow her throne. In "Sneezin' Season", it's revealed that her great-great-great Grandmommers Whimsical was one of the past monarchs of Jollywood.


Queen Delightful wears a red and pink dress with golden cuffs at the sleeves, a golden belt, and ruffles at the top colored with two shades of light pink. Her hair is blonde and she wears red lipstick and blue diamond shaped earrings. Depending on the episode, she wear either red dress shoes or red and white sneakers, but they're not shown most of the time because of her long dress. Queen Delightful's crown doubles as a perch for her parrot Squire Peckington and it can also flash red and yellow lights (in "Mirror, Mirror" and "Buckets", her crown flashes red and blue lights). Her exercise outfit consists of a blue and white shirt, red shorts, pink leg warmers, and red and white sneakers.


Although Queen Delightful is sweet and kind to her subjects (excluding Hildy and Grim of course) and likes to have fun, she can be quite naïve and goofy. Her crown can light up in a manner similar to a police car strobe light and she would imitate a siren and goes around in a circle when she goes on a "tizzy", as Starchbottom puts it. The Queen is also very literal minded. However, despite her silly behavior, Delightful is capable of putting up a fight. Examples include her rescuing The 7D in "The Queen's Quest" after the Glooms tricked her. When The 7D thought Delightful is the one in danger at the Armpit of Doom, they miserably have to go through each obstacle while the Queen passes through each of them with ease and ultimately defeats the monster who held them prisoner. In "Hildyrella", Delightful participates in a roller derby team known as the Raging Regals who won the championship.

Queen Delightful is very skilled at yodeling ("Gnome Alone"), floor skating ("Starchy Takes a Break"), and painting ("The Fairest in the Land"). Due to her attractive appearance and personality, Bashful has a huge crush on her that's only shown in "The Big Bash" and "Bathtub Bashful". It's currently unknown if she feels the same way about him or if she knows about the crush.


  • Queen Delightful's voice closely resembles Snow White's in the Disney film. Adriana Caselotti provided the voice of the titular character.
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