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All my life I've always wanted to have one day for myself—not waking up with a pile of work on every shelf! With no hems in need of pressing, and no sleeves in disarray, no wedding gown with a thousand stitches to crochet, and no debt to pay!
~ Queen Erika singing.

Queen Erika (simply known as Erika) is the deuteragonist in the 2004 animated film, Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper, and is also the main protagonist of the PC version of the movie of the same name. She is a seamstress who was joined to working with others. Likewise, she also like singing for herself that was become a queen of Dulcinea, who discovered on the journey.

She is played by Barbie and voiced by Kelly Sheridan in Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper, and Anndi McAfee in the Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper PC game (as a playable character), and her singing voice is provided by Julie Stevens.


Erika is light skin and blue eyes. Erika's hair is slightly wavy and brown, her bangs are held back with a braid. Erika's main dress color is light blue. It has sleeves that go halfway down her arm, with a ribbon and white mesh. The bodice has crossed, pink ribbons down the middle and is blue on the outside. The skirt is blue with white and pink in the middle, with flowers on the white part. It was her only dress before being disguised as Princess Anneliese.

Erika wears a blonde wig to look like the princess and a gown with a mixture of colors. It's mainly blue, but has light pink accents. The trim around the bodice is gold and has white down the middle. The skirt is blue, white and yellow. When sleeping in the palace, she wore a pastel yellow nightdress with a white neckline. While singing "The Cat's Meow" to Wolfie, she wore a long pink dressing gown with ruffles at the neckline. Her hair is normal brown.

Erika's wedding gown is white and dark blue. It has blue stripes down the bodice and on the skirt. There is a white mesh on the top and the sleeves. The skirt has wavy folds on the bottom. Her veil has three blue roses on the top.


Erika was birth in the kingdom by above of the hill, who being is born at some instant with Anneliese. Although her family is liked Erika, who having know that they are considered to be a poor, no more want to taking care for her was fine. As dressmaker, Erika is often working with Madame Carp, the woman who made anger to chide her for make money as doing a job by her parents. She grieved with worked then ignore Madame Carp's joyless, holding by himself to be a famous singer for nothing funk. By the time, Erika has keep on working for good as refund her parent's owing and got a freedom.

When she is sang in the town square, who heard by her loyal pet Wolfie. Collecting a money by herself, Erika meeting Anneliese and Serafina, who listening to her singing. The cunning Madame Carp arriving once again, let Erika to returning to work. But Erika did not do it, that was leave Madame Carp alone, she was happy dancing with Anneliese together. However, Anneliese and Serafina are captured by Preminger, Nick and Nack and trapped in their house. King Dominick, a man who is originally to marry Anneliese, but meets Erika for sensible, they are waiting to marriage.

One the way, Erika started to pretending as Anneliese who is being in love with Prince Julian. Everyday, she later bathing with Wolfie in the bathroom, the two making fun for look a there is sweet. Takes care for her own life, Erika later captured by Preminger, proving that she is a fake Anneliese. Erika warned Preminger that does not kill Anneliese as a result when she is hates him at all, locked into the dungeon by Preminger's guards after Preminger is tried to marry Anneliese's mother, Queen Genevieve.

Before escaped from the dungeon, Erika was amenable to used the bamboo to clutch on the guard's key but speedily escapes when she opened the door. The guard got a sleeps who discovered that she went out of the dungeon, Erika could beat it on herself to frees upward on the pathway, the guard is always nervous to pursuit her. Preminger and Genevieve's wedding was soon begins, Dominick restrained on posing to be an armored guard while leaves hurriedly after he released Erika, Erika cranky trying to step on Dominick's foot with her right foot.

In this way, Dominick, who releasing Erika that remembered on nothing wrong to her, he not ever believes Erika is the one who had a folk by Preminger. Dominick has truthful on Erika because he free her, she is saved by Dominick and unremittingly representing that Anneliese is eventually liberated as well as her ability to terminate Genevieve's and Preminger's wedding. Preminger tricks Anneliese that leak out that she was dead. Pretty so not, Anneliese wasn't dead as she is a real princess that scold Preminger. Preminger was very appall that Genevieve is worried about hugging with Anneliese.

Although Erika knowing that Anneliese was still alive who have reunited with her family. Genevieve thinking about that she discover Preminger's scheme, Preminger was shocked that known well to escapes. Genevieve was angry on led her guards to captured Preminger, Erika, Julian, and Dominick would stop him by any possible. For the arresting of Preminger, Erika decided to knocked down Nick and Nack with Anneliese, and Julian and Dominick are riding the horses that went to chase Preminger.

Finally, Preminger is surrounded by Genevieve's guards. At last, Erika traveling the world and live show, whom now to married Dominick by get on.


Erika is loyal, strong, loving, and brave. She loves to sing around the world. She has a strong determination to pay off her parent's debt and be free of working for Madame Carp. While her braveness who has shows through when she agrees to pretend as Anneliese and when she escapes from the dungeon. During that time, she fell in love with King Dominick, who was about to marry the real princess. Erika is also has a sense of humor.


  • Erika is the first peasant Barbie to marry royalty and become royalty through marriage.


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