Queen Genevieve

Queen Genevieve is a supporting character in the 2004 animated film, Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper. She is a former queen of an unnamed kingdom and the mother of Princess Anneliese.

She was voiced by Ellen Kennedy.


Queen Genevieve is the mother of Princess Anneliese. She did not have enough money to care for her people until Anneliese was discovered many geodes in the mine.

When Genevieve's adviser, Preminger who is kidnapped Anneliese to halt the wedding of her and Dominick, Erika also disguised herself as Anneliese and fell in love with Dominick. She is quite revealed to be an imposter and Genevieve's only hope was lost.

However, she is marry Preminger and to save her kingdom. Anneliese was arrived at the wedding, after almost being killed by Preminger. When Erika and Dominick has arrived, Anneliese told her mother Preminger was trick them, that he tries to get away, but his horse turns on him. While Preminger was arrested, Anneliese married Julian, and Erika married Dominick. After finding geodes in the mine, the kingdom was restored.


  • Genevieve is not actually queen regnant, but queen consort- the wife of a king. This means that in real life, she would become queen mother and her daughter Princess Anneliese would be queen. However, in the Barbie universe, real life titles and styles of royals are not as they would be in real life. In real life kings and queens are usually referred to as "your majesty", but often in Barbie movies, they are referred to as "your highness".


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