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Queen Marissa (simply known as Marissa) is one of the supporting characters in the 2007 animated film, Barbie as The Island Princess. She is a queen of Paladia and the mother of Princess Rosella.

She is voiced by Kate Fisher.


Marissa and Rosella are separated for 10 years after Rosella was shipwrecked on an island. When Rosella is surely brought back to civilization by Prince Antonio, the prince of Apollonia, a neighboring kingdom of Paladia. Upon arrived at Apollonia, she attend his wedding to Princess Luciana, who was known that he was betrothed to her. Rosella and Tika, who were arriving the kingdom, they referred till to about Queen Ariana's plans.

Also, Marissa, Antonio's parents, and Luciana are walked to outward, Ariana, who able to used the sunset herb puts into the wedding cake, telling someone that Rosella and the animals are so ferocious to her. Rosella and Antonio were recount them that was for clearly real, Luciana against her mother's tyranny. However, Marissa was known that Ariana warning Luciana don't eating the more foods, proving that she is palely to poisons the cake.

The three rats are fainted to presume for died then Ariana must run off, push down Antonio and Rosella. Rosella and Tika are chase Ariana, Marissa has dawdle to walked out the door as she thinks about her daughter to stopped Ariana. After Queen Ariana was defeated by Rosella, Marissa reunited with her as they are both in the kingdom. Meanwhile, Rosella and Antonio had fallen in love but were soon married, so Antonio wants to be her son-in-law.


Marissa's personality is similar to Rosella. She is kind, loving towards animals, and talented when it comes to singing.


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