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Maria, also known as "Queen Mary", is a heroine from EarthBound Beginnings. She was the queen of Magicant, the great-grandmother of Ninten, and the adoptive mother of Giygas, the main antagonist of the Mother/EarthBound series.


Mary was abducted from Earth by an alien race in 1906. There, she raises one of the aliens, Giygas, as her son, while her husband, George, studies PSI, unaware that he needed to get race's permissions first. George later escapes back to Earth in 1908 without his wife Mary.

Once matured, Giygas is tasked by his people to ensure PSI never spreads onto Earth, but he didn't want to betray the ones who raised him, particularly his beloved, adopted mother, Mary, and in the end forces himself to detach from his mother, and begins preparations for the aliens' invasion.

When she meets her great-grandson, Ninten, in Magicant, she reveals her true identity as Maria. She reveals her story that she was suffering from amnesia until Ninten, Ana, and Lloyd restore her memories by reciting her favorite lullaby, The Eight Melodies. Maria reminisces how while she was under the abduction of an alien race, she would sing the melody to Giygas. She then realizes that she and George can now rest in piece. It was revealed that Magicant was actually an illusion born of Maria's consciousness.

She uses the last of her power to destroy the blockade to keep her grandson and his friends from getting to the Mother Ship, but before she does, she tells Ninten about the weakness of Giygas.

Other Media

Mother Justice

Joah..Is that..You?
~ Maria's last words before her death

She reappears in Mother Justice as one of the main characters. She appears in Chapter 2 along with her heaven friend, Hinawa, and in Magicant. She was sent back to Earth to discover Ristaccia's nature. However, she was killed by Ninten, her own grandson, who in hatred, thought that Maria herself was one of the people involved in the murder of his adoptive master, Shamshir Zamouk, when she was not.

Before she died, she had a vortex coming in her eyes and she saw a person named Joah. Her last words were "Joah..Is that..You?".


Queen Mary, despite the fact she is a "grandmother", has a young-looking face. She has olive green eyes, which are teal in the EarthBound Beginnings manual. She also has yellow hair, wears a pink crown, dress, and shoes.


  • It was revealed in Mother Justice, that her death is what causes Claus to come back to the living world, when he was supposed to be dead to stay with his mother.


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