Princess Tara

Queen Tara is the queen of the forest that appears in the 20th Century Fox film, Epic.

She is voiced by popular singer Beyonce Knowles.



She is protected by the Leafmen from the Boggans. One day, during the parade, Mandrake and his Boggans attacked the Leafmen, trying to get the flower from the queen. She helped take down a couple of Boggans and jumped on Ronin's hummingbird as Mandrake and his son Dagda were flying after them on their crows. Dagda shot two arrows at them, but Ronin grabs the first arrow with his hand and with his bow shoots the arrow at Dagda, killing him. Unfortunately, the second arrow mortally wounded the queen. By that point, Mary Katherine was walking through the forest. That was when the dying queen blew the flower, landing in Mary Katherine's hands, shrinking her down to the size of the Leafmen. The dying queen told M.K. to take the flower to Nim Galuu. All the Leafmen put their heads down in despair as the queen literally passes away, turning into a bunch of yellow magic sprites that ascended into the sky. Her legacy is now carried on by a flower girl.


She is a kind, sweet-natured queen, that is very positive on life.



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