You... You always were so selfish! I never asked that of you... All I wanted was for my own wish to come true! If you really wanted me to be happy, then you should have stayed in Dealer and worked together with us. I always believed that you would come back... I never stop believing...
~ Tia to Ace.

Queen Tia is the tertiary antagonist turned one of the two tritagonists in Mega Man Star Force 3. She is a member of an organization called Dealer.

She is mainly in charge of harvesting Crimson Energy from fallen Noised Wizards. It's later revealed that she used to have a relationship with A.C. Eos while he was a member of Dealer.


Little is known about Tia's life that She and her brother were both orphaned in a war sparked over technological advances. As a consequence, the two wish to use Meteor G to destroy the world's technology. In order to do that she and her brother enter the Dealers. During that time she was in love with Ace. However because Ace leaves the Dealers, their relationship where broken.

Later, she poses as a teacher at Geo school in order to infused Magnet with Noises card and to harvest crimson energy more easily with Joker as support. At Sheesa Island she and her brother reveal their indentities and about Virgo and Corvus, they then escape after Joker destroy Luna.

In the aftermath, Tia summons a of fake Omega-Xis' to destroy WAZA. She later change to her EM Wave change realizing her have failed and battles Ace. While Tia had the upper hand, Ace uses his last of strength to punch through her and talk some sense in to her but fails due to Virgo's influence. She later battles Geo, but was defeated by him.

At the Dealer organization, after Ace battles Joker, he tells Tia he still loves her. After Ace's "death", Tia's heart was shattered and in anger demands to use Meteor G to destroy the world. When she and Jack went to confront Mr. King, they were trap.

When Tia went into the Meteor G herself she defeated by Geo once more. After Jack talk her way out of revenge, Virgo was scared of imprisonment decided to turn on her, resulting Virgo being deleted by Rogue. After that they leave Meteor G.

After Meteor G had been destroyed it was revealed that Ace was not in fact, dead. Tia and Ace are finally reunited again after a long time.

Powers and Abilities

  • Floatshoes: - Queen Virgo is immune to panels.
  • Aqua Shield: - While the player is lined up with her, she will put up a barrier of water in front of her. This can be pierced by Breaking attacks. If she is hit while the shield is up, she sends a shockwave down the column.
  • Rain Shower: - Some panels flash, and Queen Virgo will summon rain on those panels.
  • Hydro Dragon: - Queen Virgo summons a dragon that zig-zags down the rows. If it connects, it causes Bubble effects. This attack is breaking. This attack can be destroyed by attacking the dragon's head or body.
  • Tag-Out: - Jack Corvus appears in Queen Virgo's place and attacks with Wicked Flame.
  • Holy Light - Queen Virgo floats down in front of the player's row and spins around, hitting all 8 panels surrounding her. This attack cannot be dodged. This attack can be blocked.





  • Although Tia was introduced as the secondary antagonist at the beginning of the game, she was outranked by Joker who more cruel, evil and dangerous than her.
  • Queen Virgo's official artwork pose is similar to the one of Queen Ophiuca.

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