Giant Autobot Quickmix

Quickmix is a giant Autobot from Gigantion in Transformers: Cybertron.


When Quickmix and Metroplex met Optimus Prime and his team, they asked them for help finding Gigantion's Cyber Planet Key. At first, they couldn't help, but when the Metroplex defeated Megatron, they then decided to help them when Optimus told them they were crippling the Cyber Planet Key and enslaving the universe, they then decided to help Optimus and his team find Gigantion's Cyber Planet Key. Then they divided the group members into four groups and support groups, they explored the levels, one of which leads to the Cyber Planet Key. And Quickmix and his Mini-Con partner Stripmine work on a support group with Landmine, Evac and Coby Hansen. And in the end, they found the Cyber Planet Key on the Cybertronian spaceship called Lemuria. But after placing the Cyber Planet Key in the Omega Lock, Galvatron stole them and intended to use them to unlock the Black Hole. And then all the Transformers from across the universe came together to stop Galvatron and save the universe. The battle was fierce, but they eventually defeated Galvatron, destroyed the Black Hole and saved the universe. And when Optimus destroyed Galvatron, Quickmix and Stripmine joined the Space Bridge Construction Team with Override and Brakedown.


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