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¡Ay, ya cállate, cállate, cállate que me desesperas!
~ ―Quico's snap at anyone who makes him lose his patience
Chusma Chusma Pppppprrrrr
~ Quico pushing don ramon

~ Quico Singing

Quico (or Kiko) is the deuteragonist of the TV series El Chavo del Ocho. He is seen as a friend and at the same time archenemy and bully for the main hero Chavo. Quico is the most richest and spoiled kid of the Señor Barriga's vicinity. He lives in apartment No. 14, with his overprotective mother Doña Florinda that often spoils his son giving him money to buy sweets and toys, and to protect it from any threat of Don Ramón.

He is portrayed by the Mexican actor, Carlos Villagran in the original series, and in the animated series he is voiced the Argentinian actor by Sebastián Llapur.


Quico often is portrayed as a spoiled boy and bully who loves to envy his friends through their candy and toys (especially Chavo), but is always punished and takes beating the other children of the vicinity. However Quico does not despise his friends, although he often arranges fights with Chavo they remain friends despite the rivalry between the social classes all are just kids. As Chavo, he proves to be a very stupid kid and idiot, maybe even more than Chavo about him often being cheated and abused by their friends who swear by their lack of intelligence (especially by Chilindrina). For being so dumb, Quico often comes to irritate the patience of many adults and let them stressed by their stupid and often offensive messages, but it is always punished for his stupidity.


His father was a sailor named Federico who died in an accident at sea being eaten by a shark when Quico was still a baby. Since the loss of his father he hopes that his mother find a new parent coming to regard their teacher Jirafales a perfect parent, they are ever visiting your home to see his mother every day. Another of his biggest dreams is to get a square ball. Quico is apparently influenced by his mother to despise others with low social status, but he does it because he thinks is right to follow his mother's orders even if your mother is wrong. He and his mother had already surrendered to accept the friendship and company of their poor neighbors, especially on holidays like Christmas or New Year. In addition to El Chavo del Ocho, the character was the main protagonist of sitcoms Federico, Kiko Botones and Ah Que Kiko. In this series, Quico loses his faults and is now portrayed as a good child.



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