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Quinn Airgone is a main character in Final Space. She is a space officer who crosses paths with Gary.

She is voiced by Tika Sumpter, known for interpreted Layla Williamson in One Life to Live, Raina Thorpe in Gossip Girl and Jenna Rice in The Game.


A brilliant badass who makes a terrifying discovery — there’s a breach in Time/Space, and when no one will listen, she steals a space ship and goes rogue to investigate. She is captured, arrested, and kidnapped by an Infinity Guard Cruiser which promptly gets sucked into the anomaly. Quinn uses an escape pod and is rescued by Gary. She then becomes one of the last good guys, fighting along side the Galaxy One crew.


Quinn has dark brown hair and brown skin, and is of African descent. She wears a blue spacesuit with the Infinity Guard's double-ringed Jupiter logo, which she removes in the episode 5 after severing her allegiance to them. She wears a light orange hairband, gray belt, gloves, and boots and a white triangle collar like Gary's.


Quinn takes her job as a space officer seriously. She doesn't mince words and can be really abrasive, to the point of calling her superiors or allies "idiots" right to their faces. Quinn is also willing to sacrifice a single life if it means saving more people in the long run. That said, she is not a bad person, and firmly sets herself on the heroic side by trying to save as many people as possible.

As the series progresses, Quinn begins to show a bit more affection towards Gary. In the episode 8 she thought a little bit more of Gary. While witnessing Gary interact with his father, he admits his love for her.


  • Quinn has a sister, who is mentioned in the episode 5. Based on Quinn's trust in her, it is implied that they have a close relationship.
    • it is not clear whether if she is bigger or smaller than Quinn.
  • Quinn has a pet dog. No other information is given regarding the animal aside from the fact that Quinn trusts her dog.


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