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I'm R0-GR— last of the B1 battle droids, nearly decorated veteran of the Clone Wars, and oft-disputed hero of the Rebellion. But you can just call me Roger.
~ R0-GR.

R0-GR, or "Roger", was a B1 battle droid who served the Freemakers, a human family of scavengers that traveled throughout the galaxy. He was a veteran of the Separatist Droid Army during the Clone Wars, and was programmed to serve as Rowan Freemaker's best friend. He had a mismatched torso and right arm.

Personality and traits

R0-GR was a B1 battle droid of the Separatist Army that survived the Clone Wars. He had a friendly character but was slightly misunderstood. Roger was programmed to served as Rowan's best buddy and had a reputation as a simpleton. Due to his Clone Wars experiences, Roger had a fear of Jedi.

Skills and abilities

R0-GR had a mismatched right arm and torso and could also bake cookies.

Behind the scenes

R0-GR is voiced by Matthew Wood, who had previously voiced the battle droids, General Grievous, Wat Tambor, and several other Separatist characters in the Cartoon Network TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. His name is an obvious reference to the battle droids' catchphrase. There is also a faded Trade Federation symbol on his torso.