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The RVR-00 "Phoenix" is one of the protagonist ships in Thunder Force VI, the sixth (and so far final) entry in the series. It is the third model in the RVR series, and despite it's entry number, it is actually more advanced than the RVR-01 "Gauntlet" and RVR-02 "Vambrace", being capable of traveling into space without the support of a Brigandine module.


Thunder Force VI

When the ORN Empire tracks down and begins an invasion against Earth, humans uncover the remnants of the original Vasteel technology from the battle against the Guardian supercomputer, including that of the once mighty Rynex. From this technology, and a recent message for help from the Galaxy Federation, the humans form an alliance with the federation in an attempt to bring an end to the ORN Empire once and for all. They use the original Vasteel technology to construct [yet another] powerful starfighter to combat the omnicidal forces, that spacecraft being the Phoenix. The pilot is first known as "C=CTNs=C", but it was later revealed to be Cenes Crawford, or at least a clone of her.

The Phoenix eventually succeeds in a battle against the ORN Faust and the Vasteel Nocht, but afterwards, goes through a major transformation...


  • Unlike its predecessors, which are named after types of medieval armor, the Phoenix is named after the mythological firebird of the same name, known for constantly combusting into ashes and resurrecting from the remains, a symbol of immortality.


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