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The RVR-02B Brigandine, also known as the Brigandine Extra Body Equipment, is a supporting character in the 1997 Shoot 'Em Up video game Thunder Force V. It is special form of RVR support built for the RVR-02 "Vambrace" in order for the starfighter to reach outer space and confront The Guardian. In order for it to be controlled, it requires not only the Vambrace, but also for the pilot of the RVR-01 "Gauntlet" to detach its cockpit and detach it to the Vambrace.


Thunder Force V

The Brigandine was created at the same time as the Vambrace when the Earth first obtained Vasteel Original when it entered the Solar System. Both were designed to be an upgraded version to its predecessor craft the RVR-01 "Gauntlet", with stronger weapon and defense capabilities. Unfortunately, both the Vambrace and Brigandine were very expensive to develop, and as a result, only one model of both crafts was ever made, with both being put into indefinite hold.

Eventually when the Guardian Supercomputer went rogue and launched a war on humanity, the supercomputer ended destroying all but one Gauntlet craft. As a result, the humans revived both the Vambrace and the Brigandine in an attempt to reached and destroy Judgement Sword, the heart of the supercomputer which was located in outer space and the Gauntlet was unable to reach.

Cenes Crawford, the pilot of the last remaining Gauntlet fighter, engages in operating the Brigandine by swapping the cockpit of the Gauntlet in place with the "fake cockpit" of the Vambrace through a process called "Cockpit Purging", in the process the Gauntlet is destroyed, but allows Cenes to fully control both the Vambrace and the Brigandine simultaneously.

The Brigandine manages to reach space with the Vambrace, but both crafts are stalled by the original Vasteel (which is implied to be controlled by Khaos). Despite the Brigandine having an overall advantage with its extended Over Weapon system and durability, Vasteel Original manages to take control of the Extra Weapon Bay system, an early version of the Brigandine, to destroy both crafts. Despite this, both crafts manage to successfully destroy the Extra Weapon Bay system, but also destroying the original Vasteel as well. The Brigandine is also destroyed as a result of the battle, but manages to successfully launch the still intact Vambrace into Judgement Sword, allowing it to fulfill its mission and destroy the Guardian Supercomputer.

Following the victory, the Vambrace is retired, and as a result, another Brigandine craft is never built to replaced the one that was destroyed.

Thunder Force VI

10 years later, when the ORN Empire locates and invades the Earth, the humans create a similar Brigandine craft designed for the Vambrace's replacement the RVR-00 "Phoenix". This craft briefly appears in the opening sequence, allowing it to use an extended Over Weapon system with the benefit of enhanced durability, but because the Phoenix was built to reach outer space without the Brigandine's support, this new support model was meant only to enhance the Phoenix's firepower. It is never used in-game unfortunately.


The Brigandine was designed to enhance the performance of the RVR-02 "Vambrace" and allow it to reach outer space, as such the weaponry of the craft is severely limited to only the default weapons, however it more than makes up for it with its unique technology capabilities:

  • Enhanced Durability and Shield System - Because of its large size, the Brigandine is much more durable than most of the RVR's fighter crafts and is capable of absorbing more enemy fire than usual. However, after taking too much fire, the Brigandine will be destroyed, leaving the Vambrace vulnerable to being destroyed.
  • Extended Over Weapon System - The Brigandine allows the Vambrace to use its Over Weapons much longer than under normal circumstances, allowing the two crafts to eliminate stronger enemies and bosses quicker than the standard weapons can.
  • Self-Repairing Nanotechnology - This unique feature allows the Brigandine to repair the Vambrace after it takes minor damage.
  • Sword Over Weapon - the Over Weapon version of the Vambrace's Blade weapon, it fires a powerful laser beam that instantly destroys smaller enemies and deals tremendous damage against larger enemies and bosses.
  • Chain Over Weapon - the Over Weapon version of the Vambrace's Rail Gun weapon, it fires six concentrated laser beams in a 180 agree spread, making them very useful against large groups of enemies or attacking from the side.


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